MLB Trade Rumors: Jacoby Ellsbury doesn’t want to be traded

Ellsbury is owed $63.4 million through 2020 plus a $5 million buyout. He also has a full no trade clause.

From Jon Heyman:

Word is, Ellsbury, who has a no-trade clause, doesn’t want to be dealt from the Yankees, so that could be a complication in such a scenario.

The Yankees have been talking to several teams about Ellsbury and Headley in particular, and are willing to offset salaries — especially Ellsbury’s — depending on the take.

It’s not news that the Yankees are trying to dump Jacoby Ellsbury (and Chase Headley too), but word that he might not agree to a deal is depressing. It’s terrible to think that if the Yankees could somehow find a team willing to take on part of Ellsbury’s contract that he might not let it happen.

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24 Responses to MLB Trade Rumors: Jacoby Ellsbury doesn’t want to be traded

  1. Brooklyn Joe says:

    I would love to see Clint Frazier or even Billy McKinney round out the outfield and get his at bats, but Jacoby is still a useful player and when healthy ( which almost never seems to be the case), can contribute including a very solid CF and on the base baths. I believe he will eventually accept a trade( maybe Seattle), since no player who had such great talent wants to be an observer.

  2. Kevin Schappert says:

    Let’s hope we can trade him. An uninspired tenure as a Yankee, to say the least. And he’s blocking younger players.

    • tom says:

      He blocks who? Cave?

      • Right now the starting outfield is Gardner-Hicks-Judge with Ellsbury as the 4th outfielder. That means Clint Frazier is being blocked and other players, like Tyler Austin, Billy McKinney and Jake Cave, who would be fine 4th or 5th outfielders, will see almost no time in the outfield. If the Yankees sign Ohtani, Ellsbury's presence on the roster will complicate playing time issues for Clint Frazier even further.

        • Jerry says:

          I would really like to see Frazier get a shot. The energy, speed and power, he's very exciting and given a good chance to play might put up some impressive numbers. Kind of what happened with Judge last year. I'm not a big fan of Hicks, although he did have a good run for a period of time. Let's see what Frazier does in the spring, maybe he can wrest the job from Hicks .

          • Steve S. says:

            Let's see what Boone brings to the table as far as having an open mind. Cashman has this crazy love affair with Hicks, who always seems to show just enough to keep them interested. Frazier must have a good spring. Even if Hicks falls on his face I still think he'll open the season in center. If Frazier can wrest the job away, I guess that means Gardner would be the primary cf because from what I've heard, that's not Frazier's best position. Whatever happens, next season has the potential to be the joyride of joyrides. Hopefully Boone is the right man for the job. Personally, I was hoping for Meulens.

  3. Terry says:

    Considering his no trade clause. It will virtually be impossible. To make him appealing to another club, you’d have to pay most of the money owed to him. Then you’d have to attach a decent prospect to him. Unless a ST injury happens to an opposing teams OF, who would want an aging speed guy on the decline. No one wants to do us any favors by taking him. He really has very little value right now. Plus, if you’re him, unless you’re starting elsewhere you wouldn’t agree to it. He’s getting paid, he’ll stay unless there’s an opportunity that grabs him. That contract turned out really bad for us. No wonder they prefer trades to rebuild

  4. tom says:

    It would be cooler if he beats out Hicks at CF. Hicks should become expendable once he is beaten.

  5. buckeyeballs says:

    he was hot in September and Girardi bailed on him in the playoffs-HIcks was struggling and he stayed with him for his arm , which never came into play. Maybe they should trade Hicks-don't want to block frazier.

    • Steve S. says:

      Unfortunately, since Cashman has this bizarre love affair with him, I doubt Hicks gets traded. His value may never be higher. Just once, I would love Ellsbury to get through a season without a major injury. I like his game and it's frustrating just about every year to see him get hurt and miss so much time. Then struggle after good starts to get his timing back. Yeah, Girardi quit on him in the playoffs which was a little odd. Hicks has a terrible resume, yet he continues to be force fed into the lineup. That they were seriously thinking of starting Hicks over Judge to begin last season shows how delusional they are about him. He's a good defender and walks a lot, but I don't think he'll ever hit enough.

      • Ellsbury went cold by the end of September and Hicks was one of the Yankees best hitters in the ALDS. Ellsbury went 1-for-9 in the playoffs. Seems to me like the Yankees made the right move, or (at the very least) made a move that didn't backfire.

      • Henry says:

        Once Girardi saw how lost Hicks was at the plate in the playoffs, he should have given Ellsbury a start or 2. Think Joe forgot he had a good second half and has 2 WS rings.

  6. 99Trey says:

    The only way Ellsbury leaves is if he gets bought out. He doesn't mind riding the pine and collecting checks. I'm sure he also wouldn't mind collecting a ring if the Yankees win in the next three years. There's really no motivation for him to waive his NTC since he can make even more money by being released and then sign a new contract, as a free agent. I'd release him only after he drops further then 5th on the outfield depth chart. Right now he has a tiny bit of value to the Yanks as a lefty. He's probably 4th or 5th on the depth chart depending upon how Clint is playing. So when someone like Florial is ready, I'd release Ells to make room.

    • If Ellsbury is bought out, any contract he is paid by his new team would come out of the money the Yankees owed him. So he wouldn't get more money if the Yankees released him. He'd get the same amount.

  7. Nunzio says:

    Ellsbury may not want to be traded and may force the Yankees into an A-Rod decision , he may be confidant of his decision on not wanting to be moved but his next step may be as a coach with no at bats , I would not push the yankees brass if I was Ellsbury, he may box himself in if he loves the game as much as he says, players in this game move on , Babe Ruth moved on .

  8. Bronx Bomber22 says:

    Does everyone who posts on this blog hate Hicks? His at bats get picked apart as bad as the Browns are as an organization.

    • Steve S. says:

      Take a close look at his body of work and you'll better understand why.

      • Bronx Bomber22 says:

        Nah Steve I don't need to break down his splits. He catches the ball, throws people out and hits. No clue what you guys are seeing but I'm not surprised about the hate. It is what is it. When he plays well next spring I'll be the first one to drop bombs on you guys about how clueless you are.

        • Steve S. says:

          Stop it with your revisionist history. He doesn't hit. He hasn't hit. He hit .220 last year after May. Are you afraid to break down his stats because they'll prove you're wrong? He's a good fielder, but as Jerry says, he doesn't run the best routes at times. He walks, but is often impatient and undisciplined at the plate. Show me when he has hit besides the first two months of last season. You can't because he hasn't. Also you say you're not surprised about the hate. What hate? There's no hate here. Just evaluation of poor performance. What's this crap about hate? That's a pretty strong word. Somebody thinks a guy is not cutting it and that's "hate" to you? Give me a break.

  9. Jerry says:

    It's the first time he actually hit a little, but was in a terrible slump for awhile after hitting well. He made a monster catch, one of the best I've ever seen. But still takes bad routes and doesn't always get a good jump. Crazy strong arm, but not always accurate. I like him as a 4th outfielder.

  10. Bronx Bomber22 says:

    Alright fine. We saw Clint be clueless at times in LF and I'm a huge Clint fan. Have Hicks sit and watch teams run all day on Ellsbury while Jacoby bats .205. I got it.

    • Jerry says:

      Nobody wants Ellsbury either. And a bigger upside at this point with Clint over Hicks.

    • Steve S. says:

      You're comparing Clint Frazier with Aaron Hicks??? Frazier was a rookie last season. Hicks has been up for 5 years. Do you even understand the difference? Also, I think you're confusing Hicks with Ellsbury. Ellsbury never hit lower than .257 for a full season. Oh, he once did when he only got 84 at bats because of injury. Where do you get .205? Just pulling numbers out of your dark place when you don't have anything real to back up your point? Hicks is more likely to hit .205. In fact he hit UNDER .200 in one full year!! He's got a .232 lifetime average.

  11. Bronx Bomber22 says:

    Nobody wanting Ellsbury has nothing to do with what I'm saying. Everyone is aware he's the fifth best outfielder on the team. Yes Frazier has more of an upside and I can't stress enough I'm a Clint fan but are the Yankees going to carry five outfielders out of spring training? Prolly not so Hicks will play CF and Ellsbury will have to DH at this moment.

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