Yankees announce Masahiro Tanaka will not opt-out

This is probably the best case scenario for the Yankees. They get to keep Masahiro Tanaka, but don’t extend their risk in doing so. His elbow is a bit of a ticking time bomb, however, the same could be said of most pitchers. Since Tanaka missed time in 2015 with his elbow injury, Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda and Nathan Eovaldi all missed time due to elbow surgery.

At this point my biggest concern for Tanaka is his penchant to give up the long ball. The upside, though, is that he has a 1.44 ERA in four playoff starts. The guy is capable of pitching in big spots. There should be a few of those coming up for the future Yankees.

The rotation now has a few people in place for 2018: Tanaka, Sonny Gray, Luis Severino and Jordan Montgomery with Chance Adams, Justus Sheffield and Domingo German as potential call-ups when needed. If they re-sign CC Sabathia they could be set in the starting pitching department.

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5 Responses to Yankees announce Masahiro Tanaka will not opt-out

  1. Terry says:

    I am glad to see him stay. He may have been up and down during the season. But the post season he was very good. The long ball did bite him but it got a lot of good pitchers this year. As you stated, he can come up big, in big spots. If you think of having to replace pitcher around his level, like Darvish or Arrietta, it would cost more. Then we'd be tied to them too long. I'm a fan of this move. But not a fan of resigning CC. Love the big fella for what he's done for us but it's time. We're moving in a good direction now, let's keep it going. If you want veteran insurance, there are a few younger options out there. Anyway, welcome back Tanaka!! Still one of my favorite pitchers to watch

  2. Rick Thompson says:

    Still ticked off about Girardi, can't quite get that good feeling back.

  3. gcorcoran says:

    I was hoping he would not opt out. So glad he didn't. I hope they don't resign CC. I think they need to give the young guys a "chance" (lol).

    An interesting twist, I wonder if this helps them sign Otani this offseason. They can now put Hideki Matsui and Tanaka on the case for recruiting. If they get Otani all bets are off. Could be the missing key for them in both the rotation and the lineup.

    • Jerry says:

      I'm glad he's coming back, although he was pretty bad for a lot of the season. And I do think Tanaka coming back does help in recruiting Otani, being familiar with someone else from your own country and having the Yankees as a potential landing spot can only help ease the transition. We'll see, knowing that this is low cost to sign Otani, it's a no brainier, not a big gamble with a crazy upside.

  4. Balt Yank says:

    This is a safe move for the Yankees and these days even Tanaka at his worst (last year, # 3-4 pitcher, with good days) is difficult to replace. Think Pineda and Nova. He's also a gamer, as the post season shows, and has class and character. I like the youth for the # 5 spot. Let's keep the youth movement going. Maybe we can trade Ellsbury this offseason if we eat 1/2 his salary (hopefully not more), LOL. That's addition by subtraction, with Gardner in CF, and Clinton / Hicks / Free Agent in LF. If Frazier would return on a 1 year deal, which he won't, that should be considered, despite his low BA.

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