Yankees search for a manager continues with no end in sight

According to various reports, the Yankees have interviewed Rob Thompson, Eric Wedge, Aaron Boone, Hensley Meulens and Chris Woodward for their open managerial position.

Other people have been rumored to be connected, including Jerry Hairston Jr., but the Yankees have been fairly open about the process. Still seems like they have no idea of whom they’ll eventually go with. The Yankees are being very deliberate, like they did when they hired Larry Rothschild as pitching coach. In that situation, Rothschild’s name wasn’t known to be in the mix until he was announced as the winner of the job.

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5 Responses to Yankees search for a manager continues with no end in sight

  1. tom says:

    Is that right? Yankees are only team without manager. If so, take a time and hire a right one.

  2. Dennis Cole says:

    A most pleasant surprize would be to hire Joe Girardi. Joes clubhouse is supportive. The media doesn't generally like him but Joe being Joe protected his players by taking the medias wrath instead of them. Cashman and Hal should see this. The players play well for Joe. Hes a regular Joe and this helps the players to play the boys game.

  3. Mark S says:

    I'd like to see Al Pedrique get an interview. He was a MLB interim mgr (Diamondbacks), has decades of experience, won a AAA championship with the Railriders, is bilingual and most importantly has managed many of the young bucks in the minors that will be expected to produce championships in NY. He's earned a good hard look and would be a good fit.

  4. Ollie says:

    Not sure getting rid of a successful manager like Joe Girardi without having someone i to replace him w was so smart. If they screw-up this hiring they will negate all gains team made this year, than Cashman's head will be on the block.

  5. Bern says:

    Dangerous game to play when you're attempting to convince a Player of Ohtani's talent, especially when no team can throw tens of millions of dollars at him. His introduction to his potential manager who he will be playing for day in and day out would appear to me to be a major deciding factor in where he chooses to play.

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