MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees still alive in Giancarlo Stanton trade talks

The Cardinals and the Giants are rumored to be the two closest teams to land Giancarlo Stanton…but wait…

Stanton still has 10 years left on his contract worth $295 million not including a club option in 2028. He can opt-out after 2020. The 28-year-old is coming off a season where he hit .281/.376/.631 (almost as good as Judge’s .284/.422/.627 line).

An outfield with Stanton and Aaron Judge would be legendary. Even if Stanton wasn’t MVP caliber throughout the entirety of the 10-year contract, the Yankees would probably get at least 5-6 years where they had two outfielders capable of hitting 120 home runs between them.

Of course, the Yankees goal this offseason is to get the payroll more in line with how it was in 2004, 14 years ago.

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12 Responses to MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees still alive in Giancarlo Stanton trade talks

  1. Steve S. says:

    I hope the Yankees are smarter than this. Do they really need another high strikeout power bat? NO!!! I feel the same way about Kyle Schwarber. Could the Yankees be so stupid as to seriously consider this madness? I sure hope not. Stanton is owed a ton of money. Do the Yankees want to be on the hook for the next 10 years? I sure hope not. Stanton has been somewhat injury prone throughout his career. Do the Yankees want to risk that? I sure hope not. This is a team that finally saw the light and has started a so far very successful homegrown dominated rebuild. Are they going to give in to the first real temptation that comes their way? A player who does not fill a need and who at times has displayed a sour disposition? I hope not. Are they going to remember the pain of all the dead contracts and money that have finally been taken off the books? I HOPE SO!!! They don't need him. It would be dumber than dumb to go there. Hal, show us you learned something from the follies of the past.

  2. Ollie says:

    They don't need Stanton, they need pitching!

  3. tom says:

    Cashman tried to nudge Ellsbury to waive no trade clause by announcing him being 4th OF in 2018. So far, it did not work out. It is pointless to think about Stanton being a Yankee at the moment.

    Even if Yankees succeeded to trade away both Ellsbury and Headley as well as obtained Stanton, where would Judge and Stanton play at the same time, assuming Judge wasn't traded?

    Let me root for Cardinals for this sweepstakes.

  4. Terry says:

    Rob and Tom are both right. It would be potentially legendary. Thoughts go back to the M&M boys. Two of the best power hitters in the game. Wow!! But Tom is on point, as long as we have Ells, it’s not going to happen. Miami won’t take on enough of Ellsbury’s contract to make it viable. We do need a Starter but it’s slim pickings unless you find a team willing to part with a frontline starter without giving up the farm. So, Cobb and Stanton with no Ells. I’d buy in on that.But just a pipe dream. The payroll threshold is still being thrown about. Hopefully there’s trade out there that helps both, team & money

  5. buckeyeballs says:

    if we can shed ellsbury headly and castro I'd do it-and not trade great prospects. But why would the marlins unless the offers they are getting are awful. I don't worry about too much righty power-why is that bad? Didi and Bird could be put between the 3 righties for the best 2-6 in baseball. With Gardy batting first and Hicks 7th that's actually 4 lefties in the first 7 against a righty-no problem with that at all.

    • Steve S. says:

      It's just that they don't need him. I've been wanting Castro to be traded to ease the infield logjam, so that's good. If Headley goes they might sign Todd Frazier. I can't see the Marlins taking Ellsbury, but you never know. That would be good. As far as prospects go, I would hate to lose Thairo Estrade, but I think that could happen. Gary Denbo knows the Yankee prospects like the palm of his hand. Whichever prospect or prospects are included, you can be sure they'll be good ones. Sadly for the Marlins, they have zero leverage now. Clint Frazier has no spot now. He can be used in another trade unless the Yankees want to include him in this one. Cave, McKinney, Wade in this trade? I could live with any combination of those going. My gut tells me the Marlins would want better and some pitching though. There are plenty of guys who were at Trenton and below last year who could fill that desire.

  6. Nunzio says:

    I take the trade for what it’s worth , ten years with Stanton is a lot of money and down time, his power is great but you have to be healthy for a contract like his to work……Yankees are on the right path bringing the farm up and making it worth…… having the big four Judge, Sanchez, Bird and Stanton is enticing and no team will get a free pass with those big bats , and don’t forget DiDi mister clutch.

  7. Balt Yank says:

    I think if they traded Stanton and $100 million on the back end (last five years) for Ellsbury, Frazier, Wade, and two Triple A pitchers (one starter, one bullpen prospect like Cessa/Bryan Mitchell, but not Chance Adams), and of course Ellsbury waves his no trade clause, this would make sense economically. Stanton would need to learn LF and DH, Hicks becomes a fourth outfielder, Gardner ends his career with us in CF, and we have Stanton for practically $150 over ten years because the Marlins eat Ellsbury's bloated contract. We could use the DH/LF with Hicks/Stanton to protect Stanton from injury. We don't need Frazier with McKinney, Cave, and that other 19 year old kid as outfield prospects. This is a good trade for everyone and would be fun next year.

  8. JIMMY DENNIS,PA says:

    About time Brian signed a superstar. Stanton is a winner and thrives on pressure. He will fit in perfectly with this all star line-up. Frazier's hardest hit balls didn't go out on how many ball parks.(trade bait). I'll wanted fiery John Flaherty for manager. Hopefully, Aron has spunk to straighten out these so-called umps. We need 2 new starters and less hype from Mike Kaye about how great this pitching is. WELCOME! Mr. Steelman Stanton………

    • buckeyeballs says:

      wow they gave up next to nothing-now they can package Frazier and betances and get a good starter-or just wait until July and see what they need-I think they are a 92 win team easily once CC signs. Ellsbury has to go even if its for nothing except some contract relief. I guess they will keep Headly while andujar develops

  9. Steve S. says:

    I don't care that they gave up very little to get Stanton. The trade doesn't make sense. I know I'm in the minority, but it's overkill. Hal gave in to the siren song of money playing in his ear. He'll make a fortune in attendance and ratings going forward. That will make him a happy man and a richer man. Hey, it's a business and it's supposed to make money. If they win next year the shine won't be as bright.

    • Jerry says:

      Hey, I understand what you're saying, it dampens the spirit somewhat. But the deal has been made and it is an incredible deal. Of course we don't know how much he'll play, he's hurt quite often. And he'll play 8 years through his 35 year old season. That's not too old. I read somewhere that players that big don't thrive too long, the writer didn't mention Dave Winfield who lasted forever. And at a very productive rate. And we don't know if the Yankees would have succeeded in acquiring a Harper or a Machado in their free agent years. There will be a lot of competition. Stanton fell in their laps. They almost had no choice, and Steve I hear you, it's not the same feeling, but man who are we to complain, we could be Met fans.

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