Rumors: Yankees working on a 3-team trade for Manny Machado

Various reports have stated that the Orioles are aggressively shopping all-star third baseman Manny Machado, and the Yankees are rumored to be one of the teams involved.

It’s hard to imagine this trade actually going through, but this is a clear sign that the Yankees see themselves as strong World Series contenders and they themselves are getting aggressive.

It just seems like the need for a starting pitcher is more pressing at the moment than the need for Machado, especially considering the fact that he’ll be a free agent a year from now. Brian Cashman has always been the type to prefer to hold on to prospects rather than give them up for rentals.

The Yankees do technically need a third baseman and a second baseman which is why these rumors aren’t completely ridiculous (the fact that they have Giancarlo Stanton at all makes it hard to discount too). While Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar are available to step in, the Yankees may not want to commit to two rookies in the lineup on Opening Day even if they are both apart of the team’s longterm plans.

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34 Responses to Rumors: Yankees working on a 3-team trade for Manny Machado

  1. lgmofield says:

    Wait , he is going to test the market.
    Maybe do a Frazier deal with an option / buyout .
    I can see Yankees moving Hicks or C.Frazier for a pitcher

  2. Balt Yank says:

    Let's us try the "youth movement" for more than one season. Oh Yankees, do not forget the lessons of recent history!

  3. Bruce says:

    Machado is only 25 I believe. However I like seeking pitchers instead. Not all your prospects will make the big club for various reasons. So having said that I don't mind a couple prospects traded for Machado or pitchers. Make sense to use their plentiful farm for various reasons

    • Gerardwunch says:

      Frazier is a free agent now. Yanks don't have a contract with him. Torres is going to be the 2nd baseman and the won't trade him either.

  4. 99Trey says:

    I don't understand the sense of urgency to add him now. Either these reports are a bunch of bs or Cashman is losing his mind. As constructed right now you start Torreyes at 2nd and Andujar at 3rd until Torres is ready to take over at 2nd (he's only played a few games there and needs to work on his defense). Grab CC for a 1yr deal, or let Montgomery and Adams be the 4th and 5th starters. That's still a team that should beat out the Redsox for the division lead. Come August look to add an ace in a Verlander type deal while you still have a ton of prospects and financial flexibility. Then if you don't win the WS and really want Machado go ahead and sign him as a free agent. At least you'll know quite a bit more about Andujar who looked pretty comfortable at the plate in the few mlb at bats hes had. The idea is to build a dynasty not a fantasy team.

    • Steve S. says:

      To trade for Machado when you have two prospects like Torres and Andujar makes little sense. Especially when you look at the rest of the team. I think all the adulation Cashman has received recently has gone to his head.

  5. Jerry says:

    It just seems like an embarrassment of riches. All of a sudden we are a super power, almost doesn't seem fair. But I'm not trading for Machado without a deal in place. And I don't have a problem waiting a year and holding on to our prospects and signing Machado next year. Or put our own players, prospects out there. For me and a lot of Yankee fans, we enjoy seeing the youth grow and develop into solid major league players, such as Judge and Sanchez. Maybe Andujar and Torres and Adams are those guys. Last year was so much fun and excitement because we weren't supposed to be that good. We were on a good road doing it the old fashioned way. But I won't complain too loudly…..

  6. Nunzio says:

    What happened to coming up from the farm, you will get more out of Gleybar Torres and Miguel Andujar in the long run than bringing in a high powered third baseman , the Yankees should stick with the plan , these kids are hungry and talented stick with the plan when you go off course your sure to get lost. Yankees have a core of Judge, Sanchez, Bird, Gregorious and Stanton , let’s go with homegrown young players there’s always that big free agent market after 2018.

  7. Steve S. says:

    Cashman is acting like a man who just got a financial windfall and can't stay away from the casino. His windfall are the prospects in the system. The plentiful amount of them. That's his currency. As others have said, last year was as enjoyable a year as I can remember. Sure we had great years in the late 90's, but last year was special. I don't need an all star at every damn position. Especially when there are all these prospects who look capable of adding to the excitement of last season. Manny Machado is for the spoiled front runners who can't rest until they have every possible bauble on the team. Nothing against Machado, but he's not needed here as good as he is. Hey, why not work out a deal to get Trout to play center? I knew this would happen. What a croc!

  8. Joe Abbene says:

    I hope the Yankees hit 25 runs a game if they dont get pitching! Yankees! hello just wait til he is a free agent at the end of the season

  9. Terry says:

    This is just one of those rumors with no credence. Cashman has shown how smart he can be. Why would he give up the two young controllable arms that they want to start the conversation. He is trying to find starting pitching right now! Why would he do that for a potential one year rental, that he can bid on next year and keep the prospects. The answer: he wouldn’t. This has about a 5% chance of happening. Plus, the chance of the O’s owner signing off on this is even less. Use the prospects to improve the pitching staff. The offense has already improved

  10. Jack says:

    Sometimes I read these posts and wonder what is going on. If the Yanks can get Machado, a 25 year old superstar for players and or prospects , you have to sue the deal!!!! People should applaud Cash and the front office for making the Yankees super again instead of trying to tear them down. There is only 25 players on a major league roster and most of these prospects will never see the Yanks roster!!! Hats off to Hal and Cash for doing a terrific job!!!

  11. fuster says:

    Machado, obviously, is a luxury and starting pitching an obvious need.

  12. Jerry says:

    It's so true, you never have enough pitching, I'd like to see what Adams and Sheffield and others have to offer. I also would like to see Andujar and Torres play. We may not need Machado, but Jack, I am a huge fan of Machado who isn't? We can wait a year and look at the guys we have and then get Machado if we are still so inclined. More pitching!!

  13. TR Gartner says:

    We don’t need Machado. Spend the money on pitchers. Miguel Andujar is the future for them. I would love to see him play now.

    • Jack says:

      We don't need Machado. Every team in the major leagues would love to have him!! Andularis the future for the Yanks after playing one game at 3B are you kidding me?? I will take Machado over Andular every day of the week!!

  14. Jack says:

    Jerry no guarantee we get Machado as he very well could sign with whoever he is traded too. I read somewhere the Yanks have enough room to sign Machado now and one maybe two pitchers and still stay under the luxury tax. I say go for him now!

  15. Steve S. says:

    CC back for one year at 10 million. Perfect.

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