Shohei Ohtani says he isn’t signing with the Yankees

Damn. As I write this, the only teams rumored to be in the mix for Ohtani’s services are the Mariners, Giants, Padres, Rangers and Cubs.

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19 Responses to Shohei Ohtani says he isn’t signing with the Yankees

  1. Jerry says:

    Now we just move on. Lynn or Cobb or someone else. And we have to sign CC.

  2. tom says:

    What would Yankees do with IFA bonus? Any high ceiling prospect left to sign?

    • gcorcoran says:

      Lots… Plus all of the Braves prospects who are now free agents.

      As for Ohtani, quite frankly I'm inclined to agree with New York Daily News.

  3. Steve S. says:

    Yes, let's move on. The Yankees have a strong nucleus and plenty more in the pipeline. I don't know what the Daily News said, but the Yankees will prosper without him.

  4. Nunzio says:

    The Yankees have plenty of good players coming up , Ohtani was great in Japanese let’s see if his durability lasts in the land of many good baseball players, I’ll take free agency and the Yankee farm system to one player any day, wish him the best of luck, has two ways of getting injured now, with the ball and without the ball , sure will be fun to see how this plays out.

  5. tom says:

    Boone hiring Joe Girardi back as a bench coach would be awkwardly funny. Want a bet?

  6. Balt Yank says:

    This was a non-issue. $20-$30 signing bonus is a lot to pay for a Japanese unknown. Look at Tanaka, or . . . Irabu. Take a chance on Chancy.

    • $23.5 million would have been a steal for such a young, talented, two-way player who would have had almost no impact on the luxury tax threshold. The idea that the Yankees are just off is shortsighted at worst, sour grapes at best.

      • gcorcoran says:

        The only argument I would make here is that maybe Ohtani and the Yankees are both better off. If he is worried about playing in too big of a market and doesn't want to be too far from home, the city of New York is likely to eat him alive. Perhaps it would have been too good to be true. He spurned the Yankees and whatever his reasons were for that, I'd have to be glad he made that decision instead of going someplace he hated just because of the money and endorsements. Unhappy players play worse than they do when they're happy.

        • Steve S. says:

          I've been reading a lot about him the past few days. He's an unusual person. Doesn't seem comfortable venturing out of his comfort zone. That being said, it takes some courage to come to the US. You're correct though. Learning what I have about him, I think he would have had a difficult time here. He may have deeper issues that could hold him back.

  7. Jerry says:

    Like Rob said, the money was not a lot. The upside was possibly incredible. Even if for whatever reason he may not have been happy, ( most likely still would have performed) it would still have been worth the small gamble. It would have been a gift.

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