Yankees lose four players in Rule 5 draft add AAA outfielder

Anyelo Gomez, Nestor Cortes, Mike Ford and Jose Mesa all have to remain on their new teams’ respective 25-man roster all season or they will be offered back to the Yankees. Most Rule 5 picks are returned before spring training is over, although it is becoming more common for teams to stash players like this. The Yankees lost Luis Torrens to the Padres last year this way.

The players taken in the minor league phase, like Junior Soto, don’t have to be offered back to their original teams if they don’t make the active roster. Those players are gone for good.

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2 Responses to Yankees lose four players in Rule 5 draft add AAA outfielder

  1. Balt Yank says:

    The only surprise here is Nester Cortes, a young left-hander who rose quickly to Triple A who was talked about a bit. I wonder why the Yankees could not protect him?

  2. Steve S. says:

    They have so many quality prospects. They just couldn't fit him in. Ford can play. He just didn't have a future here. I guess they were hoping to sneak some of these guys through. They new they would lose somebody. The guys they lost have promise. Frankly it's a break for them. The Yankees are so loaded just about everywhere, it's very hard for guys to crack the 25 man.

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