Yankees potentially have rotation locked up after signing CC Sabathia

Obviously a little late on this one…

The Yankees will still look to add another starting pitcher, but with CC Sabathia re-signed the Yankees have five potential starters including CC, Masahiro Tanaka, Sonny Gray, Luis Severino and Jordan Montgomery. This does give the Yankees slightly more leverage in potential trade talks for starters from now on at least. They can wait and make a deal midseason if need be.

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19 Responses to Yankees potentially have rotation locked up after signing CC Sabathia

  1. Jerry says:

    This seems to be the time for a six man rotation, Adams needs to get a chance, what more does he have to prove. All he does is get people out. Kind of reminds me of David Robertson when he first came up from the minors, all his teammates said this guy gets people out, nothing fancy, just does the job. The Yankees better give him a long look this spring. Adams deserves it.

  2. Kevin Schappert says:

    Still have money to spend….does it go to 3B?

  3. Terry says:

    I still think we need to go get another proven ML starter. We’re stronger if we push CC & Montgomery to 5-6, with Adams( if he stays) or Cessa at 7. Greene a WC to stretch the rotation depth to eight. Figure Tanaka still has the tear, CC struggles to get through five, Severino pitched his ML high in IP and I believe Cessa ended the year on the DL. Your probably going to need to go eight deep even with the extra days off. If we don’t get that starter, you can bet the entire AL will let out a big sigh of relief. We upgraded the offense, let’s do the same with the pitching staff and embrace the big bullseye that comes with being on favorites by far to win the WS

  4. Shane Jones says:

    Where does Chad Green fit in as a starter. Wasn't there plans to make him a starter. Team control, young, cheap, great stuff etc. There is your 6th man. Save your prospects for another day.

    • Steve S. says:

      I think Green will remain in the pen.As a starter, I doubt he'll display the same dominance or anything close to the weaponry he unleashes in the pen.

    • tom says:

      There was one vacancy in the rotation when Cashman announced Green's opportunity to be a starter. Now, Green shall continues to be treated as a starter in spring training for two reasons. Attractive trade and stretching arm strength for longer relief.

      Right now, we don't know how will Aaron Boone handle pitching so it is good idea to fulfill Green's capacity no matter what.

  5. Steve S. says:

    Anybody think Tim Lincecum is worth a look? I do.

    • Jerry says:

      Only because it can't hurt, but as I seem to recall, he's had other opportunities and then nothing. Let me hear that he's hitting 95+ in his workups and I'll be excited. He certainly was a monster talent, so there's always that thought that maybe, just maybe he can still find it.

    • It's going to be 2018 soon and Lincecum hasn't been relevant since 2011. It wouldn't hurt the Yankees to send a scout to his workout, but I'd be shocked if they signed him, and/or he did anything at any point that mattered.

  6. Steve S. says:

    Yes, he was terrible with the Angels and they released him in 2016. He virtually disappeared after that. He's been working out hard for the past year. He's only 33. I would love to see how hard he can throw now. Based on where he was in 2016 and even the year or two before, I doubt he can hit 95 anymore.

    • Jerry says:

      I see the Mets are looking at Adrian Gonzalez, I think that's a good move for them. He's been consistently good for a long time. And they get him on the cheap .

      • Steve S. says:

        I agree. They don't spend money. They lost the better owner when Doubleday got bought out. It's moot now because he's passed on. Those Wilpons are tightwads. Probably don't even sign Piazza if Doubleday wasn't involved. Also Alderson's been terrible. He made a few good trades in the beginning, but really very few plus prospects now. It's gonna be a long slog for that team. Their minor league teams are a mess. Omar Minaya had a great eye for talent. He made some lousy free agent signings and they canned him. Hey, what GM doesn't make bad signings? The Wilpons are lousy owners. In spite of my differing at times with what they're doing, I'm glad we have what we do and who we have doing it. Yankees are a first class organization through and through.

  7. Balt Yank says:

    I think the CC signing was sorta "dumb" and am not sure why his pitching of four innings in the post season means anything. He was a four-five inning pitcher during the regular season, six on a good day. I am sure Jordan Montgomery could have pitched better in the postseason. The Yankees are harsh on rookies unless they strike lightening, except maybe for Hicks, who is a darling of CashCowClueless. Hicks seems to do no wrong and he certainly can play defense and sometimes gets hot when used as a fourth outfielder. Montgomery in his rookie season picked 150 innings and was limited by the Yankees. Yet, the Yankees eye an NL pitcher with a 4.30 ERA for his slot. Weird. Chance Adams should get a shot, period. They should pitch CC seven innings and release him after the ALL STAR BREAK. That would be smart.

  8. Jerry says:

    And Longoria to the Giants, I hope that works out and great for us, Longoria was a Yankee killer!!

    • buckeyeballs says:

      will help CC's ERA having him in the NL. I like green in the bullpen-don't trust betances and robbie leaves after this year-he'll be 8th inning guy in 2019

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