Yankees trade Chase Headley to Padres in salary dump move

This move was a straight salary dump to get rid of the $13 million the Yankees owed third baseman Chase Headley. The Yankees now have the flexibility to add a starting pitcher, maybe two, and a bat.

Jabari Blash is a 28-year-old AAAA player who has hit .200/.323/.336 in 279 plate appearances in the MLB. He’s technically the Yankees 7th outfielder at this point so don’t expect him in the Bronx. He’s probably just around in case they trade Clint Frazier and the Triple-A team needs another outfielder.

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11 Responses to Yankees trade Chase Headley to Padres in salary dump move

  1. Ollie says:

    Can't see them trading Frazier, probably the Center Fielder of the future!

  2. Jerry says:

    For the right price, anyone is available. And I don't think the Yankees look at Frazier as a centerfielder. I also like Frazier, but you do what you have to do.

  3. I think that the Yankees would obviously love to keep Frazier around. But they also have to spend from areas of depth to address areas of need. Right now the Yankees have Judge, Stanton, Hicks, Gardner and Ellsbury. So Frazier is a bit blocked. If they can swap him for a young starter with upside they're definitely going to consider it. They're also probably going to steer the conversation towards him when they're trying to acquire a pitcher.

    • Ollie says:

      I agree with what both of u are saying but they still don't know Fraiser's full potential. When he came up last season Cashman described his bat speed as " Mike Trout" like. I wouldn't want to be the G.M who traded the next Trout! Keep him, get rid of Gardner and Ellsbury and see what they have between Hicks and Frasier.

      • Jerry says:

        I'm nervous about losing him myself. I think he can be the real deal. Again depends on the return, but I believe Frazier is a stud.

  4. buckeyeballs says:

    They may have to trade frazier with ellsbury to dump ellsbury. Frazier is another righty with power who strikes out a lot so I think he's expendable-agree with rob he seems blocked to me unless they trade Hicks or florial. His value could drop if he goes to AAA and doesn't have a great year so if they can get a young arm (not Cole) I'd do it.

    • Steve S. says:

      They would have to be crazy to trade Florial. I think he has more upside than Frazier. Besides, Frazier's defense is just average in center and with the two trees at the corners that's all that's open to him. I don't know much about Florial's defense, but I think he's more highly regarded in center than Frazier. If not for the Stanton trade, Frazier would have been perfect to replace Gardner. Now he's blocked. They have a lot of parts to potentially move now. I don't know what their plans are with Cave. McKinney at least has gotten some time at first if he's needed there.

  5. Nunzio says:

    Frazier is not Mike Trout and maybe someday he may be as good , but there are a lot of good young players out there the Yankees will trade him if there is a piece they need , no one has a permenant home in this era , Babe Ruth had a price.

  6. Balt Yank says:

    I am not sure why people are speaking about Frazier in Mike Trout in the same paragraph. He could probably hit 300 at Triple A first before one even considers it, so maybe it is good he's block. Of course, if they deserve to be in the same paragraph, the Yankees should keep Frazier unless he can be swapped for an equally elite pitching prospect.

  7. tom says:

    Marlins traded Ozuna to Cardinals. Any regrets? lol.

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