Yankees trade rumors: Gerrit Cole for Clint Frazier?

As exciting as acquiring Manny Machado would be it seems to be unrealistic at this point. The Yankees real search right now is for starting pitching. Here’s the NY Post for more on that:

According to a person with knowledge of the situation, the Yankees and Pirates are discussing a deal that would bring right-hander Gerrit Cole from Pittsburgh and possibly would include outfielder Clint Frazier leaving The Bronx.

Reporter George A. King III adds that the Pirates are looking for a pitcher ready to step into the big leagues and suggests Chance Adams could be involved for this reason as well.

Frazier and Adams (plus probably a couple other prospects) for Cole? As much as I want to hate the deal it does seem hard. The Yankees would be dealing Clint Frazier, who, let’s face it, is blocked at the MLB level unless he learns how to play third base (which isn’t happening). And the two pitchers would be an even swap.

I suppose it would depend on who the other prospects were, but it’s hard to turn down two years of Cole, a guy who still throws in the upper 90s, still occasionally hitting 100 mph, who threw 200+ innings in two of the last three years. MLBTradeRumors.com estimates that Cole will earn $7.5 million through arbitration next season which would give them plenty of money left over to add CC Sabathia on a one-year-deal, and perhaps even a bat like Todd Frazier (or might I suggest Howie Kendrick?).

Ultimately, I trust Brian Cashman to be smart about the other prospects involved in the deal, and about checking out what else is available. Frazier+Adams is expensive, after all, and if they could get Michael Fulmer from the Tigers instead of Cole then that may be the way to go. These are just rumors after all…Cashman may already be working on something different.

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17 Responses to Yankees trade rumors: Gerrit Cole for Clint Frazier?

  1. Jerry says:

    To get somebody good, you usually have to give up something good. I was upset that we didn't get Cole after drafting him to begin with. He's a major talent, he gave up 31 home runs after never giving up more than 11 in one year. I don't know what that means except that home runs were very fashionable in 2017. Everyone seemed to get in the act. …. Why do the Yankees not want to give Adams a chance, no pun intended. Seems odd. But I like Cole. And there still are free agents out there, Lynn and Cobb. But the Yankees do have to start opening up the glut of outfielders, so this is one way to do it.

  2. tom says:

    If Pittsburgh and Orioles want the similar package then go with Cole.

  3. Terry says:

    Make no mistake, Cole is that good. Under control, 27 year old, with a plus fastball and a plus breaking ball. Frazier is #6 on the depth chart for OFs. He hasn’t taken the world by storm, so I really don’t understand why people are saying how great he is or going to be. I’ve said it before, what we have going on at the lower levels of our MiL system is no fluke. There will be other talented young OFs come along. Think of it this way: if Cash can make this trade without Adams? Then we don’t have to sign another pitcher. The money we save can go for any bat you want, signing or trade.

    • buckeyeballs says:

      why the high ERA in pittsburgh? Nova's numbers are better and he was less than mediocre in the bronx-dont want Cole at all. With that ERA in the NL transferred to the AL east? Monty or Adams will be just as good

    • hotdog says:

      Cole went from giving up 11 home runs in 2015 to 31 in 2017 with approximately the same number of innings pitched. In between (2016) he had season ending elbow surgery. Last year his era was about 4.26 in the NL. Why the 3 fold increase in home runs allowed a year after elbow surgery. Is there a red flag? If traded, he’ll be pitching in the AL East. Fraizer may be expendable but Pittsburgh wants more and has targeted Adams. Cole is a concern imo and he is a free agent in 2 years. If he was a better pitcher it might make sense but I’m not thrilled about Cole.

  4. Jerry says:

    Hearing the Yankees re-signed CC . That's good news.

  5. Balt Yank says:

    Resigning CC is smarter than trading for Cole with a 4+ ERA in the NL last year. How will he do in the AL East? Resigning CC is not necessary because now Chance Adams and every other rookie is blocked because the Yankees have five starters. CC was not that great last year, pitching 5 innings, sometimes 6. We can put Clint Frazier at Triple A to get ready for LF post Gardner.

    • buckeyeballs says:

      I think they are in a good place right not. I like letting Monty and Adams share the 5th spot and maybe use 6 once in a while. No team keeps 5 healthy starters so Adams will get at least 15 starts this year. Let's see where we are in July as we now have a lot of trade bait and maybe more if we don't expose andujar and frazier -poor Major league showings could diminish their value so if we keep them in the minors it could pay off. All they need to start the season is a 1 year 3rd baseman until Machado and Donaldson are available-maybe Nunez or kendrick will take a year. I don't think Todd frazier takes a one year deal. Wade and torreyes could be an option to start the season. I

  6. Steve S. says:

    These are the Yankees. Their DNA is polluted. They're reverting back to who they really are. They can't help themselves. I don't think Miguel Andujar will ever play for the Yankees. Same with Chance Adams. They are now rumored to be after Evan Longoria. He's a fine player, but do they really need him? Why wait for Torres to play second. Maybe they can convince Seattle to part with Dee Gordon. Hey, while they're at it, let's trade for both Corbin and Cole. Maybe Fulmer too. And give back Adams, Sheffield, Acevedo and Estrada. Sure that's the ticket.

  7. Jack says:

    The Yanks DNA is not polluted. Nothing wrong with trying to put the best team on the field. You should be appaulding Hal and Cash instead of always being so negative. You complained about the Yanks getting rid of Girardi like he was the only manager in the world who could manage the Yanks. I love the Boone hiring! They just went out and got the NL MVP in Stanton, you probably didn't like that. They are trying to get Machado and Fullmer and or other pitches. You probably don't look me that. I would take Machado over Andular any day of the week. Stop because my negative and get on the Yankee bandwagon! Hats off to Hal and Cash

    • Steve S. says:

      I guess I'm being negative because I disagree with you. If memory serves me you were negative about Girardi many times during the season. All in all, he did a pretty good job last season. After playing it over in my mind, I didn't think Girardi deserved to be fired. He was successful here, most years working with an older, injury prone roster and no farm system. If he needed an outfielder it was a Chris Dickerson type. An infielder, a Dean Anna type.He squeezed as much as possible out of the 2017 team, How you can love the Boone hiring is surprising. He could work out, or not. Nobody really knows. He's a youngish, vibrant guy, but after retiring, he's never worked for any team in any capacity. Josh Bard better be as bright as advertised because when games speed up, Boone will need as much council as he can get. I don't particularly like or dislike the hire. I'll keep an open mind. I like Fulmer. If sound, he's the guy I would want. My only reservation is Mets developed pitchers have a very high incidence of arm issues. But here's the difference between trading for Fulmer and Machado, or even Longoria. Much as that excites you, the Yankees don't need a marque third baseman now. If they had a hole at third in the minors, I would be all for it. Pitching is something that's always needed. They have all these prospects now. Use them wisely where and when needed. I wouldn't mind a better offensive center fielder. Stanton was different only because he fell into their laps. He was an unneeded addition and they got him very cheaply. Castro had to go, because they needed to alleviate the infield logjam. You seem like a guy who would like an all star at every position. That's great, but they already have 4 or 5 who may qualify now. That being the case, they can use some discretion and be a little patient rather than frothing at the mouth every time a big name becomes available. They did that in the 80's and the early 2000's. It worked once, in 2009. In 2009 they had no farm system they could rely on to supplement their roster. It's much different now.

  8. Balt Yank says:

    Stanton makes sense because they got him for nothing. They should play Torres, Andujar in Spring Training, and put the best one on the field, and have Toe play the other position. Tyler Wade did not show he could hit he would need to turn it up a notch or go to Triple A. I can agree that Chance Adams gets his chance because CC/Tanaka/Gray are unlikely to pitch 30 games each all season. I don't think we need another starting pitcher or a superstar at every position. You need a variety of players, including those who play defense and have an OBA 350+ so they can be driven in. I do think the Yankees appear to be swaying from the youth movement, which only began in the 1990s when Steinbrenner was suspended.

  9. Jerry says:

    I can appreciate both sides of the coin here. The purity of putting our home grown prospects out there gives Yankee fans great Joy. We love Aaron Judge, we love Gary Sanchez, we would know nothing about them if we didn't play them, we could have traded them, I suppose and they could have starred for other teams. Might that be something that could happen with Andujar and Frazier. Yes, and Torres, who I believe will get a legitimate shot to play for the Yankees. And it looks like Bird will too. So it's not like the Yankees are not playing their prospects, they are. …… Stanton fell in their lap, you had no choice, but to secure him. …. As for Machado, who would not want him, we still need to do our due diligence. He's what 25, so he's not much older than a prospect, he fits , I would love to see Andujar get the job, but the question is, can he do it in the field. The Yankees are still heading in the right direction, and we all knew they were trying to get under the tax threshold, so they could spend after 2018, for all the potential free agents . That would be no surprise. .. Once again I would love to do this with all the young guys, but shit, how upset can you be with ending up with Machado who's only 25?

  10. Jack says:

    Your being negative not because you disagree with me but because everything you say is negative concerning moves madeby Hal and Cash concerning the Yanks! Yes I trust them in their moves because they know what is going on with the team and letting Girardi go was the right move weather you believe it or not he does not communicate well with players or management. He had the same problem with the Marlins and they let him go! Also I would take a terrific offensive and defensive 3B Machado over Andular who may be a good offensive player but from everything I read he has a good arm but hands of stone plus he is a prospect not a proven ball payer like Machado. So let's agree to disagree

    • Jerry says:

      Jack, I do appreciate that you're being calmer in your back and forth banter with all of us. I also was crazy upset with not retaining Girardi, and if there was a lack of communication, it was on Cashman's part. But I'm also a huge fan of Cashman and as I recall you couldn't stand Girardi or Cashman. … Look at the situation with Judge, how many players would you take over him right now? …a handful maybe… but what about before this past season? most likely a whole lot. … you're right Machado is a proven commodity, but you never know maybe we got the next George Brett in Andujar or maybe Ron Santo who knows? But you have to play them, just like Judge, no one predicted what he accomplished. And again no one is saying that it's the end of the world with Machado. Just that we might be pretty good even without him.

  11. Steve S. says:

    The past few years even some of the most talked up Yankee prospects (Bird, Sanchez, Judge) have overachieved when called up. Bird with his stellar Aug/Sept in 2015. Sanchez with his unbelievable Aug/Sept run in 2016. Then Judge who out did them both with his otherworldly 2017. Nobody in their right mind would have or could have predicted any of this. All I am saying is Andujar has been better than any of those three were at Scranton. He works, works and works some more. He's a so to speak a gym rat. His defense has gotten better. From what I understand his strong arm can be erratic. I THINK that has been his main problem. I guy with his work ethic will only get better.

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