Cashman: Yankees might start season with Andujar and Torres in infield

From the NY Post:

Pitchers and catchers are set to report to Tampa in a little more than six weeks, and the Yankees are still prepared to go with the possibility of Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar in the infield, according to general manager Brian Cashman.

“If the market changes, we’re prepared to adjust,” Cashman said. “But right now, we’re still treading water. This is what we’ve got, in addition to other guys like Tyler Wade and Thairo Estrada. I’m excited with what we have.”

…”We’ve know what Andujar is capable of and we know the talent of Torres.”

The expectation all winter has been for the Yankees to add a veteran infielder or two who can play third and potentially second base while also providing Greg Bird insurance at first. However, due to the plethora of free agents still available and the inability to unload Jacoby Ellsbury‘s contract, the Yankees haven’t done much since the Giancarlo Stanton trade.

While I would still like to see the Yankees re-sign Todd Frazier or a sign a free agent like Howie Kendrick, I would also have no problem going into the year with Torres and Andujar. Torres, their top prospect, was close to getting called up last year before his elbow injury, and Andujar also looks ready after he hit .317/.364/.502 in 250 plate appearances in Triple-A.

I have to say, though, that this reeks of the time the Cashman said the Yankees would use Bubba Crosby as their center fielder before signing Johnny Damon. I don’t expect a big splash with the luxury tax looming, but I do expect the Yankees will still bring in a veteran.

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23 Responses to Cashman: Yankees might start season with Andujar and Torres in infield

  1. Steve S. says:

    Rob,I agree with everything you said. It would be going against the mold if Cashman doesn't bring in a veteran infielder. In fact I would say that's more likely than not. I would love to have Andujar and Torres open the season with the Yankees. Andujar has been playing in the Dominican Winter League. Some good and bad. In 18 games only one error, but for what it's worth only hitting .185. He's put up a lot of good offensive numbers the past couple of years including the AFL, so that average is probably an anomaly. Torres spending the winter at Tampa so they can monitor his workload after the injury.

  2. Terry says:

    Well, they needed a bat to make it acceptable and they got one of the best in MLB. So, they can try and see how he responds. The top seven in the line up will be the best and if GT is close to what just about everybody sees, then the top eight will be the best. Taking even more pressure off the youngster . Adding a quality starter would help even further. We’ll have to see how it all shakes out. One thing for sure, the excitement building around this club is growing by the day. ST should be awesome

  3. 99Trey says:

    I hope they decide to stand pat and give some combination of Wade/Torreyes/Torres/Andujar a shot. Any other team including last year's Yankees would do exactly that, but I'm afraid the WS or bust mentality this year might lead to some bad decisions. If they do end up making a move I hope its for a pitcher. I'd like to see an entirely home grown infield (Didi counts as homegrown since he developed into a complete player as a Yankee).

  4. Nunzio says:

    I would start the season with Torres at second and Andujar at third, let these kids come up and prove that they are ready….. we have good offensive talent enough for them to prove they can play the position on defense, there are a lot of surprises in this game and these two kids are not two of them…..the talent is there now give them the chance to show it , Yanks do not need two bring in a Thirty million dollar third baseman or a 15 million dollars second baseman , let’s use our strength and so far that’s been our farm system.

  5. Jerry says:

    With that crazy storm that they called a bomb cyclone, happening last night, thoughts of spring training crept in my mind. And yes truthfully, if it ends up or starts up with Andujar and Torres in the infield to start the season, I'm all for it. Rob mentioned Kendrick as that super sub and he's a very good hitter. I like him too.

  6. Jerry says:

    And Rob , the Bubba Crosby/ Johnny Damon point, wow, would you call that subterfuge? Damon was nice!! Subterfuge on Cashman's part.

  7. Jerry says:

    Just read where keeping Gleyber Torres down for the first 12 of the season, buys the Yankees an extra year of team control. Torres will start the season in the minors. It's only a chance of weeks.

  8. kip7 says:

    Use what we have on the team now! Big difference between NEED and WANT! We WANT another top line pitcher but, we don't NEED one.
    As it is, we have some players /pitchers being held up because of contracts of other players on the way out or close to it.
    CC and Tank are a hiccup away from the Side Lines. We have pitchers that can step in and do the job almost as well if given a chance. We have many very good arms down on the farm.

  9. Steve S. says:

    They picked up Jace Peterson off the scrap heap. Cashman has a thing for other teams unproductive first round picks. I don't see where he fits.

  10. Balt Yank says:

    I agree with Rob but I hope against hope for something different and some trust in the rookies. I was not Girardi's No. 1 fan, but Aaron Boone's off-season basketball injury that made 3B open and brought us A-HOLE ROID-ROD remains a sore spot for me looking back at my Yankee fan experience. Catching a Jim Leyritz pop up was a highlight (fun player him and Mike Stanton). Now sidebars aside, why are the Yankees not thinking about Torreyes ("Toe"). He played good D, had clutch hit, plays the infield well, is Age 25, and hit 290 in 300 ABs. Unlike the Yankee love affair with Hicks (4th outfielder), Toe seemed consistent and clutch. He can share time at 2B/3B, relieve DIDI as needed, and help ease the rookies in. If he was a free agent, he would be snatched up I bet under a 2-3 year deal, $2-$3 million per, considering the other FAs available.

    • Steve S. says:

      I agree about Torreyes. . He's been reliable and productive in his two years here. The only knock on him is he doesn't walk enough. Walks hardly at all. If he could somehow add a higher on base percentage to his impressive skill set it would enhance his value and change perception of him.

  11. hotdog says:

    It would not surprise me if he picks up a decent major league infielder. Not an allstar but a good fielding decent enough hitting player in trade for someone like Fraizer. I would be surprised if Fraizer remains a Yankee through to the end of the season. More likely I believe, Fraizer would be trade bait before the summer deadlines unless he’s doing well at the major league levels for an injured outfielder.

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