Today is arbitration deadline day: Yankees have eight eligible players

So far two are down with six to go. The interesting one will be Dellin Betances as his case last year was the first since Chien-Ming Wang to go all the way to arbitration.

The other guys eligible include Adam Warren, Didi Gregorious, Dellin Betances, Sonny Gray, Austin Romine and Chasen Shreve.

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3 Responses to Today is arbitration deadline day: Yankees have eight eligible players

  1. lgmofield says:

    Wow hard to say what a player is worth.
    Garrett Richards just got 7 million and has pitch in 12 games and 63 innings last 2 years .
    Then Betances deserves 8 million and Gray 8 million.Who are the idiots .Jay Bruce can only get 13 million a year for the same stats that Josh Donaldson gets 23 million for and average more homers the Harper who is predicted to get more.
    All pro athletes shpuld be required to donate 25 % to families in need.
    Today's salaries are just stupid.

    • Why should ball players have to donate their salaries? What about the billionaire owners whose profits make these salaries look tiny? Professional athletes are probably some of the very few millionaires who actually work hard and earn their money without exploiting people to do it.

      • Jim says:

        I totally agree. Everyone focuses on the money that players make. How about baseball before the age of free agency when players made peanuts and had to supplement their meager salaries by taking jobs in the off-season? Ownership took advantage of these guys for a hundred years. The players should be able to make as much as they can, especially considering the relatively short amount of time that they're professionals.

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