Yankees still have $22 million left to spend

But they won’t spend it all. Expect them to put at least $10 million aside so that they can add players at the trade deadline if they need to. So that realistically leaves them with about $12 million, per River Ave Blues.

Alright, so when we add all that together, the guaranteed contracts plus arbitration and pre-arbitration players plus the dead money plus the miscellaneous expenses (benefits, other 40-man guys, etc.) we get approximately $175M ($174.2421M to be exact). The luxury tax threshold is $197M next year, so the Yankees are left with $22M or so to play with. They reportedly want to set aside $10M for midseason additions, which leaves about $12M for upgrades before Opening Day. (They also have roughly $3M in potential bonuses to Stanton, Sabathia, and Robertson to plan for.)

Because of those bonuses, they might even want to set aside $13 million which would give them only $9 million left to spend. That’s probably why they haven’t had serious talks with free agent Todd Frazier, and why there has been speculation that the Yankees could decide to trade Jacoby Ellsbury ($22M AAV), David Robertson ($13M AAV), or Brett Gardner ($13M AAV) to gain more financial flexibility.

At this point it seems like the only significant move the Yankees will make between here and the start of the year is to trade for an arbitration eligible infielder or pitcher, someone who will cost less than $9 million a year.

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15 Responses to Yankees still have $22 million left to spend

  1. lgmofield says:

    I would not move anyone other than Warren or Cessa out of the Bullpen and trade Cave or Hicks because Frazier has more upside than Hicks and Elllsbury is not trade worthy at this point.
    Try and move Hicks and Warren and sign T.Frazier until Andujar is ready.
    Machado is to expensive for next year.

    • Hicks is going to earn $2.8 million and Warren $3.3 million. That's not going to free up much space, and would force the Yankees to use Ellsbury and would weaken the bullpen. Doesn't seems like the way to go.

      • Lionel Dubinsky says:

        1) Warren is completely expendable if Adams is ready to take the bullpen slot

        AND, most importantly,

        2) every time Cashman includes Warren in a trade, it's a really good one for the Yankees.

        • So you dump Warren's $3 million salary….step 2…then profit? IDK. The entire point would be to free up cash. I guess they could afford a backup catcher with that money? Seems so pointless.

          • Lionel Dubinsky says:

            moving Warren doesn't really weaken the bullpen, Rob…..

            they've got 5 better relief pitchers and more in the wings in Adams and Acevedo.

            Warren's salary is not much but how much more space, in addition to $20M that they have, do they really need to add another starter and/or 3B?

    • Jerry says:

      I also believe that Clint Frazier has a lot more potential then Hicks, but I don't know that he can play centerfield. I'm not a big fan of Hicks, but I will root for him. I root for anyone wearing the pinstripes…..as for Warren, I thought he was very good last year, maybe his best year, and don't want to see him go anywhere. Cessa also has potential and has barely had a chance to show us what he has……. I love Todd Frazier, but realistically he doesn't fit, mainly because of the money. Andujar's bat shows a lot, but the glove is suspect, between Torreyes and Wade, they can help at times and late in close games. Gleyber Torres most likely starts in triple A, it makes too much sense. But only for a couple of weeks. Any deals at this point would be small, maybe a lefty reliever, but not much else.

  2. Nunzio says:

    I would make Gardner available , that Frazier kid will be a good fit with this club…… keep Frazier at third he is a piece the Yanks need if Andujar is not ready , trade him and Ellsbury for a draft pick and that’s it.

  3. Balt Yank says:

    I say keep Gardner because, at minimum, you can't kill the heart and hustle of a club and expect success. He's a leader in the same way Mattingly, Jeter, Williams, Brosius, Wade Boggs in 1996, and others have been. He's a great left fielder and remains an excellent role player. We can't trade Ellsbury, unfortunately. Frazier has not dominated Triple A yet so there is no rush on him; he can season. I'd say keep the money until we can land an ace and see how this all works out at the trade deadline. Anjudar is ranked No. 3 by MLB for third base prospects in baseball, give him a chance. If his fielding shows growing pains, Toe is a 7th inning defensive replacement who hits for average (last year).

    • buckeyeballs says:

      agree on waiting until trade deadline for a pitcher-start the season with wade and torreyes so the free agent clock doesn't start with Torres and Andujar until next year.. Bring them up in late April Let frazier start in the minors and hopefully build value. You never know, a team with injuries might want ellsbury later in the season- my guess is they have had no offers on him or he'd be gone. The only immediate need is 3rd base but its so short term they can't spend a lot on it Maybe a Trevor Plouffe or someone like that to start the season. Torreyes and Wade both playing every day is a little risky even if for a short time, better if they platoon but then someone has to play 2nd or 3rd

  4. buckeyeballs says:

    I just saw they signed Espinosa-that confirms what i wrote above-he'll split with Wade and Torreyes until either Torres or Andujar or both comes up in April

  5. Jerry says:

    Can anyone hear me?

  6. Jerry says:

    Spring training right around the corner, I guess no Todd Frazier, one more year would have been nice. Nunez would be nice, plays several positions and can run. Could be a very special addition, not to mention, a home grown Yankee, sign him up. How much could it be? Should be a lot of fun this year.

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