Yu Darvish says the Yankees have not made him an offer

There was a rumor circulating this week that the Yankees made a seven-year and $160 million offer to free agent pitcher Yu Darvish. However, that report has been debunked by a few media outlets and Darvish himself.

It would be great if the Yankees added Darvish to an already solid pitching staff, but until they can unload Jacoby Ellsbury it doesn’t seem realistic. There have been some rumors that the Yankees could decide to unload David Robertson to make room for an additional free agent, but that sounds like mere speculation right now.

The bottom line seems to be that the Yankees have to get creative to make any moves right now.

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7 Responses to Yu Darvish says the Yankees have not made him an offer

  1. buckeyeballs says:

    Don't want to lose Robertson-he was money in the post season and I don't trust Betances

  2. Terry says:

    At this point, no one knows what’s real and what’s rumors. One thing is for sure. They cleaned up the arbitration guys and have the numbers they need etched in stone. If they sign a big FA, you’re right Rob. They will have to move someone. I don’t think they can clear enough money in an Ellsbury trade. But it would open up a roster spot. So DRob could be the one. I really like DRob but the team would be better with another proven starter. The pen would still be the best and 5 really strong arms. If you trade DRob, Green stays in the pen. Chapman, Green, Kahnle,DBets, Warren. Pretty damn good. How many high leverage innings do you think there are in a 3 game stretch(pitching 2 with one off for each). Bull penning is for late September on. You can pick up a bullpen arm at the deadline. Signing a FA pitcher does save the prospects but I’m open for trade also. The starting staff as constructed is not deep enough to chase a ring. Just one more please

  3. Balt Yank says:

    The Yankees don't need Darvish, who may be a 200 inning pitcher or a 100 inning pitcher, who knows. He is less durable than Tanaka. The Yankees have five plus starters, but whether the Yankees have an ace is a question mark. They should wait to the stretch run and see if they can land an ace, that would be the only rationale for another SP. Tanaka, Severino, Montgomery, even Gray "might" be aces.

    • Jerry says:

      I still don't understand why we are not looking at Chance Adams, or Sheffield or Acevedo or Green. Hey, maybe they are and once again just doing their due diligence. But if they could get Darvish on a reasonable contract, I would go for it. We need to win a lot of games just to get to the post season and he would help us.

      • Steve S. says:

        It's crazy that they won't look at Adams in particular. I don't think they feel Sheffield or Acevero are ready. I've always liked Green's arm and was rooting for him to become the fifth starter out of spring training. Can't complain that he wound up in the pen. I know Severino appears somewhat unique in that he retains his heat till the end. After watching Green last year, as good as he his I don't think his stuff will translate like that. He's such a weapon in the pen that I would leave him there. It's funny, I wasn't that crazy about Gardner when he came up because I loved Melky. He's really grown on me ( a lot of other fans too) and I would hate to see him traded. Same goes for Robertson. The Yankees are in a tough spot because staying under the cap restricts them. Maybe it's a good thing because as good as Darvish can be, who knows how durable he will be. These guys all try to milk the years and he could turn into an albatross down the road. I know they would have to forfeit a draft pick (first rounder) for Cobb. What about Lynn? Does the same apply to him? Moving on, I was watching Hot Stove about an hour ago and they announced Matsui was elected to the Japanese Hall of Fame. Youngest ever. Nice man and wonderful player. We were fortunate to have him.

  4. Jerry says:

    No doubt, both Green and Robertson were monsters out of the pen last year. And I think you're right Green should stay in the pen, but you can definitely see the allure to trying him in the rotation. Look at Severino, he had thrived in the pen the year before and a lot of people thought he should stay there, thank God he didn't. So you definitely could see the thought of Green given a shot at starting. But once again I hope the Yankees give Adams a look.

  5. Balt Yank says:

    The Astros trade for Gerrit Cole is a tough one for us, but it also illustrates why that was a stupid trade for us. He's their number four starter, and would he be an upgrade over CC, of course? But that's about it. Pineda was a power arm too; it doesn't mean anything if one cannot pitch. Likewise Darvish at his best is not a huge upgrade. Sonny Gray has equal, maybe better stats: 3 very good years, 2016 not so good. We don't need Yu. I see Green in the bullpen too. I would give Warren a chance over Cole and Darvish, who, by the way, are question marks. I would not trade D-ROB but if Ellsbury can be moved and Todd Frazier take 1 year, $10 million, I'd sign Frazier. Hey, I will take $10 million to do my job for you for one year. LOL.

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