MLB Rumors: Yankees keeping in touch with Mike Moustakas


Via Jon Heyman:

Yankees people do like Moustakas, and they could surely see big production with their short porch in right field (Moustakas set a Royals record with 38 home runs playing home games in pitcher-friendly Kauffman Stadium), but they do seem to be spending more time on rotation help, at least at the moment. Speaking about the seemingly small Moustakas chances, one Yankees-connected person said, “It has nothing to do with the player, it’s the money.”

If they can work it out, the Yankees would be interested in a short-term deal. Everything points to the Yankees wanting to do only short-term deals with a third baseman; they are staying below the threshold for a presumed run at superstar shortstop/third baseman Manny Machado, a star of next year’s mega free agent market.

The Yankees still have about $22 million left to spend this offseason. Even if Mike Moustakas settles on a one-year deal $22 million might not be enough to get it done, or would leave them with no space to add players throughout the season.

If they did manage to make it work, a deal wouldn’t necessarily have to block Miguel Andujar because the Yankees don’t have a set DH so even without injuries they could get him in 50-80 games with no problem.

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7 Responses to MLB Rumors: Yankees keeping in touch with Mike Moustakas

  1. Jerry says:

    He had a pretty good year last year, his first and a .315 on base pct. Lifetime. 305 , he's no stud. We don't need him. Why would the Yankees be afraid of playing young players, I give you Judge and Sanchez. Good thing they played these guys.

    • Steve S. says:

      I've always felt they would bring someone in. I doubt it's Moustakas, but you never know. I think Walker is more likely, but he's no bargain either. Espinosa and Peterson are non entities. Why they were ever signed to minor league deals baffles me. Maybe it's me, but I sense a reluctance to go with Andujar. Maybe it's the Chance Adams syndrome.

      • Jerry says:

        Hopefully just doing their due diligence. Kind of how we ended up with Stanton. Talking about Moustakas and possible interest….as for signing Espinosa and Peterson, I actually like those moves, for the depth that it provides . So they don't get caught with their pants down, they always have a professional replacement, someone with major league experience…..So we now have the Miguel Andujar syndrome to go along with the Chance Adams syndrome.

        • Steve S. says:

          I guess you're right about the depth those moves provide, but I think Torreyes should get the nod if Torres doesn't start the season with the Yankees. What's really in their heads about third is anybody's guess.

          • Jerry says:

            It will be interesting to see what the Yankees do with Torres, the frugal thing to do is wait until April 16th but if he's tearing it up down there, they might have no choice but to bring him up from the start. I hope that is what happens. And I want to see Andujar at 3rd from the start also. Well see.

  2. tom says:

    That is tough one. After Judge, Sanchez and Stanton as a legit RH power hitters, Bird and Hicks are not locked as LH power hitter due to various reasons. The threatening to take MLB spot kids are batting rightly.

    OBP part is quite disturbing as both righty kids could be hovering at 330+. Moustakas is holding barely over 300 in career.

  3. tom says:

    It happened last month and we knew nothing? damn.

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