The Cubs sign Yu Darvish for $126 million over 6 years

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8 Responses to The Cubs sign Yu Darvish for $126 million over 6 years

  1. tom says:

    How about RA Dickey? Get him to a minor league contract and send him to wherever complex that is near to his home. When the pitching is need in bigs, call him up to absorb some innings and games in order to protect kids.

    What is really Rich Goosage's problem? He will never set on the field with Yankees as long as he behaves like an idiot.

  2. Jerry says:

    We all love Goose Gossage, but he looks like an asshole throwing Cashman under the bus like that. And you're right Tom, abusing Cashman like that and Rivera, how's that going to help? And don't forget how he used to talk about George Steinbrenner. The biggest save you could get right now is to save yourself from yourself. Stop talking.

    • Steve S. says:

      Goose is an angry man. He has a terrible temper. When I was a kid and would get angry about something my father used to say to me "whom the gods wish to destroy they first make angry". He thought it came from Shakespeare. Goose should heed that before he totally destroys himself. He's making an ass of himself with his periodic outbursts. This one was worse than the others.

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