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Yankees Signing McCann is a first step in the right direction


The Yankees have finally signed a catcher, Brian McCann of the Braves, and landed him on a five-year, $85 million deal. It's easily the largest deal the Yankees have made since they signed CC Sabathia to an extension way back in 2011. It doesn't mean that we have to forget about the year the Yankees decided to go ...

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Looking at how the Yankees did position by position in August


I've done three of these already, one for April, May, and June. I missed July, but I was busy and the Yankees were very bad so just assume I said some negative things. Anyway, things have turned around nicely to the point where the Yankees are actually in the Wild Card race. Let's take a look ...

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Hal Steinbrenner holds meeting to discuss poor state of Yankees minor league system


Back in 2004, Brian Cashman asked George Steinbrenner and received greater authority in running the entire Yankees organization. One of the things that he said at the time was that there would be a greater importance placed on the team's minor league system. It's been nearly 10 years since then and the only everyday players the ...

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Where has Rob been?

I've been doing Bronx Baseball Daily for nearly five years now and this has been, by far, the longest I've ever gone without an update so I want to apologize to the regular readers for that. Unfortunately, I don't know how much I am going to be able to post on BBD going forward. You see, ...

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Alex Rodriguez suspended 211 games for steroid use


Major League Baseball announced the 211 game suspension for Alex Rodriguez on Monday for violating the Joint Drug Agreement. A-Rod is appealing the suspension though and will be able to play until the appeal is heard which might not happen until the offseason. There was talk of a lifetime ban from baseball, but MLB obviously backed ...

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A-Rod expected to be suspended for 214 games on Monday

New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez

It is expected that Major League Baseball is going to suspend Alex Rodriguez for the next 212 games in an announcement on Monday, according to Bob Nightengale of the USA Today. A-Rod is expected to appeal any suspension. A suspension of that length will cost A-Rod and save the Yankees roughly $34.2 million. His contract won't count ...

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MLB is considering a lifetime ban for Alex Rodriguez


The entire saga with Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees, MLB, and Biogenesis is coming to a head this week. The big bombshell is that MLB is prepared to ban A-Rod from the game is he does not reach a settlement on terms of a suspension, according to HardballTalk and Bob Nightengale. No announcement is expected until ...

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Yankees make no trades during July deadline


The trade deadline came and went on Wednesday and the Yankees haven't made a move since the Alfonso Soriano trade last week. The closest the Yankees got to a deal seems to have been with the Phillies for Michael Young. It got to the point where reporters confirmed that Young would approve a deal, but nothing ...

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