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Who is the Real Curtis Granderson?

Let me preface this post by exclaiming my admiration for Curtis Granderson.  He has long been one of my favorites in the game through his years in Detroit.  You can imagine my excitement then when the Yankees announced that a trade had been worked out to bring the young centerfielder to New York an ...

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Re-Evaluating How We Evaluate Players

Sabathia, Joba and Hughes are all victims of pitching in a superior division.

As a semi-obsessive baseball fan, I spend much of my time looking through various statistical databases or browsing blogs around the internet, and a lot of the time, I find something worth writing about.  While perusing through baseball-reference, I came across an interesting bit of information. more ...

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The Yankees Rotation: Battle for the Back End

BBD Ivan Nova

With every passing day, Spring Training draws closer and closer.  And as baseball draws near, so do various battles among less proven players for that last backup spot, that last spot in the bullpen, or that ever-important fifth spot in the rotation.  It is one of the finer joys in watching baseball. As Yankee Fans, we ...

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