Brian Mazo

Honestly, we never thought it would come to this: from Yankee manager, Joe Girardi, down to the most fair-weather of fans, the expectation that Freddy Garcia would be handed the ball every fifth day in the dog days of August was the stuff of nightmares. But as we wait – […]

Hail to “The Chief”

God only knows how late Yankee owner, George M. Steinbrenner, would feel about the team’s off-season moves, but I’d like to think that The Boss would have given the news that Lou Piniella had returned to the fold the thumbs up. “Sweet Lou” – nicknamed for both his great swing […]

Welcome back, “Sweet” Lou

Thurman Munson would have been sixty-five years old this week. He should be showing up to Old Timer’s Day with the requisite paunch and the for-the-fans mutton chops still in place – frozen from the 1970s – laughing behind the batting cage with Sparky and Bucky, burying the hatchet with […]

Remembering The Captain, Thurman Munson

The list of New York Yankee players who have surpassed expectations during the 2012 season to date clearly starts with the Captain – Derek Jeter – and then there’s Raul Ibanez (why did I want to write: “And then there’s Maude?”) and that’s about it. Having already written a piece […]

In Praise of Raul Ibanez