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Jorge Posada and The Hall of Fame

Jorge Posada officially announced his retirement today and undoubtedly there will be a lot of talk about retiring Jorge‚Äôs number and his possible induction into the MLB Hall of Fame 5 years from now. The general consensus seems to be … Continue reading

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Brian Fuentes, Derek Jeter, and Changing Roles

This is ultimately going to be about Derek Jeter, but I first want to mention the ongoing drama between Brian Fuentes and manager Bob Geren. For those not aware: Fuentes pretty much called out the manager for using him incorrectly. … Continue reading

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Are the Yankees Relying on the Homerun Too Much?

The Yankees currently lead all of baseball in runs scored, yet you might not know it based on the amount of criticism that the Yankee offense takes. The most common complaint is that the Yankee offense relies too much on … Continue reading

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Amidst Slump, Girardi’s Hands Are Tied

Clearly the Yankees are in a bit if a malaise right now. They keep finding new ways to lose, despite generally playing well enough to be right in the game. It would seem that the Yankees could use a shakeup … Continue reading

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