Brian Burkhart

The Red Sox have been extremely aggressive this offseason, trading for Adrian Gonzalez and signing Carl Crawford. With Adrian Beltre on his way out and Kevin Youkilis ready to move to third, the trade for Gonzalez makes a lot of sense. The Red Sox outfield, however, is already filled with […]

Where Does Crawford Fit For Red Sox?

Derek Jeter won his 5th Gold Glove award yesterday, to the chagrin of all but the most ardent Jeter fans. I am certainly a Yankee homer and will find ways to justify things that are good for Yankee players, but this borders on absurdity. It’s not just that Jeter isn’t […]

Derek Jeter and Gold Gloves

So if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably waited until the last minute to choose a Halloween costume. You love the Yankees, but just putting on a Yankee hat and your Rivera jersey isn’t really gonna cut it. Here are some last minute ideas: 1. Cliff Lee – Yankee Free […]

How to Have a Yankee Halloween