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Weekend Recap – Yanks Take 2 of 3 From Blue Jays

With Rob off on his honeymoon (congratulations), I thought I'd take the opportunity to attempt to fill-in with a quick recap of the weekend's Yankee games. The Yanks took 2 of 3 from the Blue Jays this weekend (take one guess as to which game I was at) and were a big hit on Friday night ...

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General Manager Brian Cashman’s Plan B


Of all the criticisms I've heard about Brian Cashman, one of my favorites (and by favorites I mean that I find most ludicrous) came this past offseason, when many accused him of having no "plan B" after he failed to sign Cliff Lee. Anyone who reads my postings here knows that I am a fan ...

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Throwing Strikes Key For Bullpen

New York Yankees Rafael Soriano

The Yankees managed to lose a game last night where they handed a 4-0 lead to their bullpen in the 8th inning. It's a particularly bad loss, as the Yankees managed to squander a great CC Sabathia start and use the majority of their bullpen. Now they have an overtaxed bullpen with Freddy ...

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Granderson A Reminder Of What Yankees Do Have

New York Yankees Curtis Granderson

A lot has been made this offseason about the holes in the Yankee rotation. Expectations are always high for the Yankees and consequently it is important that they look good on paper. What I mean by this is we as fans want to look and see every position filled. We want to know who the ...

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Predictions and Underdogs

ESPN has posted their annual MLB predictions and this year they polled 45 of their best "experts" (I said this on Twitter as well, but Jim Caple still has a job?) on who would win each playoff spot and eventually the World Series. Only 1 division was unanimous: the AL East. Now, alright I'm a Yankee ...

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Over/Under: How Many Will 2011 Yanks Win?

Via VegasWatch, here is a list, by division, of the initial over/unders on each team's win total for the 2011 season. The Yankees are predicted to win 91 - certainly not a bad total, but not really up to their standards. I am an optimistic Yankee fan so clearly I would bet on the over ...

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Evaluating Andy Pettitte’s Career

I have to say: up until yesterday, I was still convinced Andy Pettitte was coming back for 2011. Maybe he would start a little late, but he'd come back. He was very effective last year when healthy, so it didn't seem crazy to cut back on his workload - but retire? Nah. He'd at ...

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Yankees 2010/11 Offseason: The Winter of Our Discontent

Yankee fans are a pretty tough group to please. We all know the narrative by now: the Yankees expect to win, and that feeling starts with the ownership and extends to the players, coaches, and fans. World Series or bust. All or nothing. It's a bit of a tired adage at this point, and carries ...

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