Brian Burkhart

Before Game 1 of the ALDS yesterday, I briefly mentioned how I thought the whole “pitching wins in the postseason” narrative is a little flawed. Clearly, pitching – starting pitching in particular – is a gigantic factor in deciding who wins. Tampa Bay certainly wishes they didn’t have to face […]

It’s All About Pitching…Sometimes

Less than two hours away from the beginning of the Yankees 2010 postseason, I’ve officially decided I’m not going to do any predictions. Last season, I was wrong in every single series the Yankees weren’t involved in (which is fine, since I WAS right about the Yankees winning the World […]

And Here We Go, Mission 28 Begins Tonight

The MLB season is a marathon, but it tends to end with more of a sprint. Realistically, 162 games are probably enough for us to figure out who the best team is, but simply awarding a championship to the team with the best record lacks drama. So instead a team’s […]

A Tale of Two Seasons

Everyone knows by now that Derek Jeter is having the worst season of his career. His career OPS+ is 120 and this year it’s 95. Last year he had one of his best years, with an OPS+ of 132 and the best defensive season of his career (finally posting a […]

How Bad Is Jeter’s 2010?

Everyone knows by now that A.J. Burnett is pitching terribly, leading to speculation that he, like Javier Vazquez, will be skipped in the rotation. Perhaps this will be the case, but it doesn’t seem like the solution for the Yankees or Burnett. First off, would skipping a turn actually benefit […]

Getting Burnett on Track

Monday night’s 3-2 loss to the Blue Jays is a tough one to swallow – not just because the Yankees lost a close one, but because some of it was out of their control. In the 3rd inning, Eduardo Nunez threw a ball wide of first that Mark Teixeira made […]

Making Umpires Better

An interesting discussion I was having recently revolved around the question of the Yankees and retired numbers: who, among current or former Yankees, is in line to be added to Monument Park? I’m going to break this into 3 parts: the locks, the already retired, and the current players. The […]

Who Gets Their Number Retired?

So, a few weeks back I went through the OPS+ of every Yankee player.  At the time, I found it somewhat interesting but of course I admitted that OPS+ really only judges a player as a hitter. Well, today I’d like to look at WAR – Wins Above Replacement – […]

Taking A Look At WAR

The Yankee bullpen is pretty atrocious right now, despite another vintage season from 40-year old Mariano Rivera. So how do the Yankees fix it? Well, if you remember back to 2009, the Yankees bullpen was terrible in the first half too. Edwar Ramirez and Jose Veras were key players then, […]

Bullpen Help Needs To Come From Within

Sunday night’s game between the Yankees and the Dodgers was certainly one of the most exciting of the 2010 season thus far. Robinson Cano delivered the big hit in the 10th inning, a 2-run homerun off of lefty George Sherrill.  When Joe Torre called for the lefty (wow, it’s been […]

The Fallacy of The Matchup