Chris Barca

Another day, another setback in Brett Gardner’s rehab from the elbow strain and bone bruise suffered way back on April 17th while making a sliding catch.  Crazy, considering how insignificant the injury initially looked, at least from the upper deck, where I was watching the game from. On Thursday, the […]

Yankees options without Brett Gardner

I don’t know about you, but it’s very hard to watch the Yankees right now. In April, I didn’t get too frustrated because, well, it’s April.  But now, we’re a fifth of the way through the season.  We shouldn’t still be waiting for this team to climb out of the […]

Yankees struggles continue with RISP

To be honest, David Robertson might be my favorite Yankee right now.  Not just favorite Yankee pitcher, favorite Yankee overall.  That is, favorite Yankee not named Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera.  I’ve loved Robinson Cano since he was rocking Roger Clemens’ old No. 22 jersey and any one of my […]

D-Rob vs Soriano: Who should be the closer?

Going to college in New York City doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is going to be Yankees fans.  With the Big Apple being the most diverse place on the planet, I have friends that are fans of all sorts of teams.  The Red Sox, Mets, Orioles, Mariners, Braves, Phillies, you […]

Comparing Derek Jeter to…Derek Jeter