Curtis Clark

I’ve always liked Nick Swisher. I’ve had nothing against him. Forget about the postseason struggles, any person with such a positive attitude that can play baseball at a high level is great for any team let alone the Yankees. It’s coming to the point we’ve all seen – his impending […]

Farewell Nick Swisher

Major League Baseball was started around 1869. The Civil War had just ended. Slavery had just been abolished. The country wasn’t as diverse as it is today. Major League Baseball was a white male dominated sport. In fact, baseball on the whole has been a widely non-diverse sport. It took […]

Top 10 Yankees of color

We’re three fourths of the way through the season and the Yankees currently have the best record in the American League. They could sweep the Rangers and the Yankees look like a team that can overcome any odds. They’re back to playing great baseball even though there was a time […]

AL East Power Rankings