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A look at the Yankees defense in 2012

Defense is a difficult area for statisticians to analyze because there are so many different ways to define value in a player’s defensive abilities. While statisticians have made huge strides in finding new ways to compare players’ defensive value, most defensive metrics are new and do not provide an ironclad argument of defensive talents. However, ...

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Hiroki Kuroda: the man behind the $10 Million contract

Have you ever heard of a team, let alone the Yankees, sign a player for $10 million and that’s about the only detail you know about the deal or the player? I for one am baffled that 37 year old, Hiroki Kuroda, has gotten less coverage than say, Michael Pineda’s spring training “struggles”. Who is ...

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Mark Teixeira could be due for a major comeback

Mark Teixeira has suggested bunting to beat the shift, and I for one, can’t help but laugh at that notion. You have to do what you can to help the team however the Yankees are not paying him millions to become Juan Pierre. There have been many negative reactions to how Tex has performed the past ...

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