Dan Hanzus

Spring training is mercifully reaching its conclusion. Maybe it’s just me, but Yankees camp felt especially long this year. I’m guessing many of the veterans feel the same way. Except Nick Swisher, that dude loved spring training. Then again, Swish could find something to love about an asteroid crashing into […]

The Good (and Not So Good) from Spring Training

New York Yankees Robinson Cano
Is it really fantasy baseball season again? I’m still exhausted from last year, when the struggles of Mark Teixeira had me acting like the over-stressed black police captain in every 1980s buddy cop movie you ever saw, popping Tums by the handful and saying things like, “I’m getting too ollllld […]

Yankees Fantasy Survival Guide, 2011 Edition

Mariano Rivera, Joba Chamberlain 4
editor’s note: Please welcome Dan Hanzus as a contributing columnist to Bronx Baseball Daily. It started out innocently enough. Last Wednesday, Joba Chamberlain was among several Yankees pitchers to report early to the team’s spring complex in Tampa, and some beat writers on the scene remarked on Twitter that the […]

What Joba’s Gut Says About Joba