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Nix, Stewart, and D-Rob shine as the Yankees struggle


It's no secret that the Yankees are struggling. Their once over-achieving lineup, cobbled together out of necessity, not desire, has gone cold. Their starting pitching, once strong enough to sustain paltry offensive handouts, seems unable to hold its own leads. And their bullpen, which had, early-on, created a watertight final three innings, is starting to ...

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Current Yankees team hoping for some of that 96 Magic

1996 yankees

The mood leading up to Opening Day was uneasy.  The offseason had been full of second-guessing and unorthodox moves.  The all-star catcher had been allowed to walk in favor of a light-hitting backstop.  A former slugger looking to prove he had something in the tank was the left field experiment. A former hated rival was ...

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Chien-Ming Wang looking for one last shot with the Yankees

Chien-Ming Wang

It happened in Houston when he was rounding third. He knew it. Third base coach Bobby Meacham knew it. There was a "pop"--an athlete's nightmare sound--and a stutter-step, and before the 2008 Yankees could celebrate their widening sixth-inning lead over the Astros, their ace was coming up limping across home plate. From the beginning of 2006 until ...

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Cano at short and Cervelli at second? A look at the Yankees infield depth


It was a surreal and unsettling sight on the Yankee Stadium infield Saturday afternoon when the Bombers came out for the top of the 9th. Their infield depth stripped to the bone with Eduardo Nunez again victim of a hit-by-pitch and backup infielder Jayson Nix already removed for a pinch hitter, the Yankees had to ...

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Yankees and Joba have one more year to get it right


Joba Chamberlain looked lost. That much was clear in his outing on Saturday in the Yankees’ 8-4 loss to the Tigers. Pitch after pitch failed to hit catcher Francisco Cervelli’s target, and with each hitter who reached base, his bewilderment appeared to grow. A line-drive single, a four-pitch walk, a ball that skipped to the ...

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