Eric Communiello

I have no problem proclaiming to the world that I’m a huge nerd, so it’s no surprise that I really like infographics.  For those of you unfamiliar with what an infographic (or information graphic) is, according to Wikipedia it is a “visual representation of information, data or knowledge.”  Also known as interesting […]

Who is 'Die Hard'-est?

In a response to Rob’s earlier post about Marcus Thames’ superhuman production this season, I thought I’d shed some light on Thames’ platoon buddy, Brett Gardner.  Warning to all readers: I’m a very big fan of Gardner and he has become one of my favorite players since breaking in with […]

Brett Gardner's Early Success

As spring training comes to a close, everyone seems to be pushing out their projections/outlooks for this season.  I’m going to run through a couple that I found interesting and just point out some highlights. __ The guys over at Fangraphs finished their Organizational Rankings and your New York Yankees […]

Wrapping Up Spring Training