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Top farmhands who could contribute in 2018

The Yankees are flush with talent throughout their whole system. They have plenty of talent ready to contribute as soon as next season in the upper minors as well. This is an exciting time to be a Yankees’ fan. They … Continue reading

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The Rule 5: Which Yankees prospects are 40-man worthy?

As the roster currently sits, the Yankees have 37 players on their 40-man roster. Some things will inevitably change between now and the rule five though, so it is likely the Yankees will be able to protect more than five … Continue reading

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The Todd Frazier dilemma

One of the common sentiments among Yankees fans since the end of the season has been the desire to sign Todd Frazier this offseason to keep him in pinstripes. Believe it or not, the two alternatives of this decision form … Continue reading

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Okay the season’s over, now extend the netting for 2018!

As a relatively young, coordinated, athletic man who played baseball growing up and continues to play softball now, I have never felt unsafe at any baseball game, regardless of the netting. How often, however, do you see people sitting along … Continue reading

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