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Who’s off to a hot start? Yankees prospects edition


Starting with Triple-A players, Kyle Roller is off to a decent start although he hasn’t shown much power. He’s 4/12 with a walk and a .333/.385/.333/.718 stat line. He has struck out four times in four games. He’s looking to duplicate last year’s success and make a case that he should be playing for a ...

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This year’s Shane Greene and Dellin Betances are in camp now


Last year the Yankees had a few rookies who came through in a big way for them. Yangervis Solarte played well enough to be paired with a minor leaguer to get the Yankees Chase Headley. Dellin Betances became a fixture in the late innings for the Yankees and a fantastic bridge to David Robertson. He ...

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2015 BBDP Wildcard Prospect: Gosuke Katoh


At the start of 2014 Gosuke Katoh was riding high. He was just coming off a monstrous season in the GCL where he shocked everyone (except the Yankees). The Yankees liked him so much, and were so impressed with him in Spring Training that they sent him directly to Charleston, skipping over Staten Island. Things did ...

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Red Sox sign Moncada; colossal fail for Yankees


Today is another in a long line of recent situations where the Red Sox front office has completely owned the Yankees. In case you haven’t read the news this morning, Yoan Moncada has signed with the Red Sox for a $30 million signing bonus. At this point the details are not available in terms of ...

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2015 Wildcard Prospect: Dustin Fowler

dustin fowler

Drafted in the 18th round out of West Laurens High School in Dexter, Georgia, Dustin Fowler was a longshot to make it to the MLB from the day he was drafted. One thing he had working in his favor, however, is superior athleticism. While he had a pretty good season in 2014, Fowler is a ...

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BBDP Wildcard Prospect: Gabe Encinas

gabe encinas

On the cusp of being named one of the six breakout candidates for 2015, Gabe Encinas enters the season as one of the guys who could take the system to the next level. Back in 2013, Encinas was in the process of breaking out. He started the season throwing gas and controlling it, then he ...

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2015 BBDP Wildcard Prospect: Chris Gittens

Chris Gittens

Now that I have selected my six “breakout candidates” for 2015, it’s time to delve into a new group of players. These are the “deep REM sleepers” if you will. These are the guys who are not just under the radar, they are currently off the grid. Be that as it may, the Yankees farm system ...

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Top 10 DSL players likely heading stateside


Let me preface this article by saying that the below list does not include the 2014 International signings the Yankees went nuts on this year. That means there are 5-10 additional names that will likely be stateside this year who are not on this list. I will have more information on them when the rookie ...

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