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BBDP 2015 Breakout Candidate: Drew Bridges


A quick look at Drew Bridges’ statistics would yield some serious skepticism when it comes to the chances of a breakout season in 2015. It would appear he hasn’t done much in his career to warrant such a prediction, at least when you examine the stats on the surface. As you will see, a deeper ...

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BBDP 2015 Breakout candidate: Domingo Acevedo

domingo acevedo

This year Luis Severino exploded onto the prospect scene with a dominant season as he blew through three levels of the minors. Without question, he was the breakout pitcher in the system. In 2015, Domingo Acevedo has the best chance of anyone to be that guy. He’s got the best potential of any pitcher in ...

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BBDP 2015 Breakout candidate: Chris Breen

chris breen

It seems like Chris Breen has been in the Yankees’ system for years, but in reality it has only been 2.5 seasons. He hasn’t quite made the jump yet from marginal prospect to legit prospect, but I think he’s about to do just that. One of the cool things about Breen is his positional versatility. ...

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BBDP 2015 Breakout candidate: Ty Hensley

ty hensley

Another year has gone by and now it’s time to profile the guys most likely to break out in 2015. Last year was a “meh” year for me, going 3/6 if you’re being generous. Abiatal Avelino got hurt in the midst of his breakout season, Brad Lail definitely broke out, and Caleb Smith made it ...

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Yankees signed Headley so they could trade Prado

MLB: Texas Rangers at New York Yankees

There was a time at the beginning of the season when it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the Yankees would sign Chase Headley. Amidst rumors that Headley had a four year, $65 million offer on the table, the Yankees were seen to be out of the running at some point this offseason. Fast forward ...

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The 2015 Yankees: Better or worse than yesteryear?


Brian Cashman and the Yankees have made a flurry of moves recently, including trades and free agent signings. It’s clear that the Yankees are trying to get younger, and in the process hopefully better. Now that the dust has settled on these moves, it’s time to take a step back and see if Cashman and ...

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2014 BBDP Not top 50


Here's a list of the twenty guys who easily could have been in the top 50, but just missed the list. At the end of the list are the next 30 guys, who could bring themselves into top 50 discussion in short order if things go well this season. Again the depth is really good ...

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Yankees top 50 prospects: 2014 postseason edition


2014, as previously mentioned, was a big year for the Yankees’ farm. A few players stepped into the prospect limelight, including Luis Severino and Aaron Judge. After the Arizona fall league, I think Greg Bird can be included in that discussion as well. The Yankees made a huge splash internationally which should provide a major ...

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