Lenny Neslin

Signing Nick Johnson changes everything. That is, if he’s healthy enough to play. Without him, I slotted the other offseason acquisition, Curtis Granderson, second in the order.  But together, they simply replace the spots of Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui in 2009. Here’s my projected lineup against right-handed starters:  1. Derek Jeter SS 2. Johnson DH 3. […]

My New 2010 Lineup Projection

In an interview with Mariano Rivera, he said he will retire “the minute he knows that he doesn’t have it.” Do I believe him? Yes. Will that day ever come? I don’t think so. At 40 years young, he was named the Sporting News’ 2009 Pro Athlete of the Year. […]

Rivera is Never Going to Retire

If Twitter had a ‘like’ button, I would definitely have liked Buster Olney’s tweet this morning. If Johnson passes physical,NYY will move on to next targets — definitely a starting pitcher, and quite possibly Mark DeRosa, if $ are right I like all three points he makes. The Nick Johnson […]

Yanks to Sign Johnson, Next Up DeRosa?

Either someone finally asked the question, or the Yankees finally remembered to mention that they’ll have a new backup catcher in town in 2010. See ya later, Jose Molina, and congratulations, Francisco Cervelli. Nothing against Molina. He was a prototypical backup: good defense, not so much of a hitter and slow as […]

Cervelli Confirmed Backup to Posada

After watching the Red Sox pick up John Lackey yesterday, Yankees fans might be thinking it’s time to bolster the offense. Well, with Hideki Matsui agreeing to sign with the Angels and Mike Cameron agreeing with the Red Sox, there goes two players the Yankees may have been thinking about picking up. Like my […]

Forget About Matsui, and Cameron Too

Mark Feinsand is reporting Brian Cashman is looking into picking up one more starter — namely Ben Sheets or Justin Duchscherer — to allow him to move either Joba Chamberlain or Phil Hughes back to the bullpen. In regards to my poll, I believe the Yankees first order of business is picking […]

Yankees Eyeing Sheets, Duchscherer