Lenny Neslin

What I’ve feared most has finally become reality. According to Joel Sherman, the Yankees remain in the hunt for Roy Halladay “because the Blue Jays covet prospect Jesus Montero.” If you’ve been following, I’ve been saying all along that I’d approve a deal for Halladay under two conditions. The Yankees […]

Blue Jays Want Montero in Halladay Deal

With the latest news of Braves reliever Rafael Soriano being traded to the division foe Tampa Bay Rays, I thought of another Soriano the Yankees were connected to. Alfonso Soriano. Soriano was a second baseman with excellent power and speed. He just missed a 40-40 season (HR & SB) in […]

One Soriano Leads Me Thinking of Another

In reaction to the Curtis Granderson trade, Johnny Damon, a yet-to-be-re-signed free agent, had this to say: “I think having a guy like Granderson, who has the potential to be a really good player, if you can pick up a guy like that and not lose too many people from […]

Damon's Right! For Once…

A John Sterling home run call. Fans can start getting used to hearing the name “Curtis Granderson,” because if he stays with the Yankees until the end of his contract, he won’t be gone until 2012 at the earliest. So I ask you, what’s the call? Rebecca over at This Purist Bleeds […]

Every New Yankee Comes With…