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Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner speaks, addresses several topics in brief period


(Syndicated from Gotham Hub Baseball). In the past when George Steinbrenner spoke you listened, especially since they were comments that often generated news and sometimes tweaked people such as second-guessing the manager or referring to Dave Winfield as “Mr. May” in 1985. That’s a bygone era and the public comments from Yankee ownership, especially managing general partner ...

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An early 17 for Yankees’ Mariano Rivera warrants appreciation

New York Yankees pitcher Rivera waves to fans after their MLB American League baseball game against Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium

(Syndicated from Gotham Hub Baseball). We just passed the 17th anniversary of Mariano Rivera’s first save on May 17, 1996 when he filled in for John Wetteland and ended it by getting Garret Anderson on a double play. Since then he’s racked up 624 more, including 75 against the Orioles, which is an astounding number but also ...

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Andy Pettitte and the case of the missing cutter


(Originally syndicated from Gotham Hub Baseball). Data for determining the amount of pitches thrown by a starter has been available since 2008 and finding out the amount of cut fastballs thrown by Andy Pettitte is readily available for anyone. In the last two starts, Pettitte’s cutter has not been effective. He had thrown it 111 times in his ...

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Stacking lefties against a bad team equals results

New York Yankees Robinson Cano

(Syndicated from Gotham Hub Baseball). When the Yankee lineup was released before Tuesday’s game, there were two noticeable aspects to it. The first was that Robinson Cano was hitting third against a right-handed pitcher. The second was that the lineup contained five straight left-handed hitters. The Yankees do not necessarily like to do that, though they have done ...

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Now batting second for the Yankees Robinson Cano?


(Syndicated from Gotham Hub Baseball). Robinson Cano batted second in Game Two of the ALCS against Detroit and went 0-for-4. The afternoon he spent hitting behind Ichiro Suzuki resulted in four ground outs and just one opportunity to drive a run in besides hitting a solo home run. For the Yankees’ first win of the season, that’s ...

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