Michael Augustine

New York Yankees' Nova throws a pitch to Baltimore Orioles during their MLB American League game in New York
The Detroit Tigers could get used to hitting against Ivan Nova. In his three starts against the Tigers (including his 2011 inaugural postseason start), Nova has gone 0-3 pitching 19 innings, given up 29 hits posting a WHIP of 1.90, and provided 17 earned runs while striking out 18. But […]

Thoughts on Ivan Nova

Former Seattle Mariners player Suzuki gives the baseball to Soriano 2
Ichiro Suzuki is going to fit in nicely inside the Yankee clubhouse and I love the trade.  Acquired for a very modest price, you could wonder aloud if Seattle was feeling a little guilty about the damage that occurred in the Michael Pineda deal (now Jose Campos is lost for […]

Thoughts on the Ichiro trade

Josh Hamilton 4
Since not much is going on in Yankee land this week…besides the cordial treatment of Robinson Cano by all the classy fans at Kaufmann Stadium, so I’m going to appoint my mid-season award winners in several standard and non-standard categories. My qualifications are at least 70 games played for hitters […]

BBD’s midseason awards