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Top 5 Excuses the Yankees can’t use to explain losing to the Rays

So, if you’ve read my previous column, you may be of the mind that I like top 5 lists – and that would be true. I could even write a column, listing the Top 5 Reasons I Like Top 5 Reasons … Continue reading

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The Five Most Memorable Yankees-Rays Games

Rays-fans are an interesting species within the baseball world.  His hate for the Yankees is so great that he will pay premium prices to see them, then not show up at the “Trop” for the rest of the season. When … Continue reading

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A skeptic’s guide to the 2013 MLB season

So, if I’ve got this straight, the Bombers will be starting the season sans Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson. Call me a pessimist, but shelving 100 homeruns and 341 total runs from a team which lives … Continue reading

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The Yankees in the ALCS: Symphony of Self-Destruction

That “boom” you heard on Thursday evening was the bottom falling out of the Yankees franchise.  Make no mistake, if you’re into self-flagellation like I am (did I mention that I’m also a Tampa Bay Bucs fan?) and watched game … Continue reading

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