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Top 5 Excuses the Yankees can’t use to explain losing to the Rays


So, if you've read my previous column, you may be of the mind that I like top 5 lists – and that would be true. I could even write a column, listing the Top 5 Reasons I Like Top 5 Reasons lists, but Mr. Abruzzese probably wouldn't publish it in BBD as it has much more to ...

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The Five Most Memorable Yankees-Rays Games


Rays-fans are an interesting species within the baseball world.  His hate for the Yankees is so great that he will pay premium prices to see them, then not show up at the “Trop” for the rest of the season. When the Yankees defeat his beloved Rays, its because of the Yankees' huge payroll. When the ...

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A skeptic’s guide to the 2013 MLB season


So, if I’ve got this straight, the Bombers will be starting the season sans Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson. Call me a pessimist, but shelving 100 homeruns and 341 total runs from a team which lives on the long ball and which finished 18th in Defensive Efficiency Ratio will be disastrous. Perhaps ...

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The Yankees in the ALCS: Symphony of Self-Destruction

That “boom” you heard on Thursday evening was the bottom falling out of the Yankees franchise.  Make no mistake, if you’re into self-flagellation like I am (did I mention that I’m also a Tampa Bay Bucs fan?) and watched game 4 beyond the fourth inning like I did, what you witnessed was nothing less than ...

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5 Completely Random Post ALDS Observations

A “great” series is one in which the Yankees not only play well, but in which they post a “W”. By that standard, the Yankees had a “great” series against the Orioles.  By just about any other metric, though, their series versus the Birds was, well, bizarre.  The series lasted 52 innings, making it the ...

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Raul Ibanez is the Yankees’ B.A. Barracus

If the Yankees were the A-Team, Raul Ibanez would be B.A. (Bad Attitude) Barracus.  We could debate about who’d be Hannibal (Girardi or Jeter) or “Howlin’ Mad” Murdoch (Swisher or Martin) and I’m not even going to get into the “Faceman” debate.  I guess Susan Waldman would be Amy, but that is kind of depressing.  ...

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Top 10 Observations with four games remaining

Sabermetrics convey much useful information to fans and front-office personal everywhere.  For instance, did you know that Robinson Cano’s TaV is .306?  … well, uh…. It is. But as noted Yankees fan Socrates said to his students at the Lyceum around 399 BCE, “not all truth can be quantified by nerdy statistical analysis”.  For your reading ...

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Top 10 most surprising books written by Yankees

I like sports books. Not just any sports books, but sports books written by former athletes.  They are choc-full of interesting word usements.  They read like someone is leaving a really really long and dull answering machine message.  And at least once per book there is a line that you know the ghost writer tried ...

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