Mark Panuthos

Against the Rays earlier last week, Mark Teixeira failed to convert his 672nd consecutive play attempt without an error.  Elliot Johnson hit a hard grounder down the first base line that stayed just fair and slipped just beneath Teixeira’s glove.  He owned up to it, telling the New York Post […]

Don’t Call Him Mark Teix-ERROR

Home runs are good.  The Yankees hit a lot of home runs.  That’s very good – Right? Wrong – because, according to Dan Shulman and lackey Terry Francona, they are “over reliant” on home runs.  That makes them one dimensional.  They need to manufacture runs, not simply hit them, you […]

Terry Francona doesn’t like home runs

Ray-fan has two explanations ready to go following a series with the Yankees.  If you listen to Tampa Bay local AM radio sports-blather as religiously as I do, you get to a point where you can commit the following themes to memory.  After a Rays victory; “Yankees bad, payroll too […]

Deep Thoughts on the Yankees-Rays Series

CC Sabathia’s performance against the Orioles last Tuesday night was awful.  Not Kid-Rock-ripping-off-“Sweet-Home-Alabama”-awful, but awful by Sabathia standards.  He walked four and gave up four runs in six innings.  On the other hand, Robinson Cano should have been charged with one of those runs on his error that put Robert […]

Contracts Can Kill: CC Sabathia

To celebrate the inauguration of a brand new, $1.3 billion dollar stadium back in 2009, Brian Cashman went out and purchased one marquee pitcher (C.C. Sabathia), one tattoo aficionado (A.J. Burnett), and the best first baseman since Tino Martinez (Mark Teixeira).  Both the Red Sox and Angels made substantial offers […]

Contracts Can Kill: Mark Teixeira

Derek Jeter was expected to show his age this year but Girardi had that under control.  His declining bat would be protected by Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and the rest of the second-most potent offense in baseball last year.  Instead, he’s batting .404 with 13 RBIs and four […]

Contracts Can Kill: Derek Jeter

As a diasporic Yankee fan living in Tampa, I really like Alex Rodriguez.  Rays fans hate him. They boo him at their stadium, they refer to him as “A-Fraud” or “A-Roid” on a.m. sports-blather, and I have personally heard them pray to their gods  to have him destroyed.  And still, […]

Contracts Can Kill: Alex Rodriguez