Nick Fleder

You don’t need me to repeat it, but I will anyway: Hiroki Kuroda’s been an utter disappointment thus far, pitching at the replacement level, losing his control, and serving up long balls like it’s nobody’s business. And while eight innings of shutout ball against the Oakland Athletics last night may […]

Hiroki Kuroda pitchF/X Diagnostic Check

This is a far cry from what the Yankees, and from what we, the fans, expected this January. It seemed like the Yankees’ ran nine-deep in terms of starting pitching, mostly because they did. This was before Michael Pineda tore his labrum. This was before Triple-A implosions from both Dellin […]

A look at Freddy Garcia and Phil Hughes

Quick one: Who has more wins above replacement from 2006 to 2011, Matt Kemp or Russell Martin? Before you make a quick pick, consider that Kemp has played 787 games while Martin’s been in 792. Their plate appearances have been nearly identical. Are you putting your money on Kemp? Not […]

The Russell Martin Conundrum