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Wish We Weren’t There: Current Yankees Stretch

If you are unfamiliar with Bronx Baseball Daily, we have a series called "Wish We Were There."  It chronicles great historical moments in Yankees history.  I strongly recommend that you give them a read. But, for this piece, I will be chronicling a moment in Yankee history, or at least a moment right now that we ...

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Wish We Were There: Don Larsen’s Perfect Game

One of the greatest moments in Yankee history occurred on October 8, 1956.  In fact, it is the only such accomplishment of its kind.  Don Larsen threw the only post season no hitter and perfect game in Major League Baseball history.  It was done in game five of the World Series. To throw a perfect game ...

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Phil Hughes To Be Skipped

The Yankees announced yesterday that RHP Phil Hughes will be skipped in his next turn in the rotation.  His command has been observably terrible over his last several outings, allowing 11 earned runs, six walks, 13 hits in 9.2 innings pitched in his last two starts against Toronto (8/25, 9/5), and against Oakland, allowing only ...

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Forget Derek Jeter, The 2010 Yankees Have A Bigger Issue

Before I go any further in this post, let me inform you that this is not a reactionary post to yesterday's loss.  This is presenting something that is most likely well known by Yankee fans.  Something that has been a big problem of late. We have been hearing lately about Derek Jeter and how he ...

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Is It Possible To Hate CC Sabathia?

As the title says, my question is, is it possible for Yankee fans to hate CC Sabathia? He is in the midst of another fine season for the Yankees, standing at 19 wins, matching his win total from last season with a month to play.  All the man does is win, winning 38 games in ...

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Fast Forward: 2011 Outfield

Even though the Yankees are in the midst of a battle for the AL East against the menace known as the Tampa Bay Rays, and trying to defend their world title, one cannot help  but speculate what the future holds, especially when it involves the speedy left fielder Carl Crawford. Crawford, who has spent his ...

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Day Game Dominance

The Yankees, winners of five straight, are about to embark on a rarity in baseball scheduling: five consecutive day games.  Luckily for the Yankees, they have thrived this season in day games, going 31-16. The teams collectively hits better during the day, with a team batting average of .283 in day games compared to a .262 ...

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Get Off My Mound

Making a much anticipated start, Dallas Braden will take the hill today against Oakland, making his Yankee Stadium debut in front of the ravenous Yankee Stadium crowd. Braden, LHP from the Oakland Athletics is having a subpar season individually, going 9-9 with a 3.28 ERA.  His stuff isn't overwhelming, with his fastball topping out at ...

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