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An Open Letter to Hall Of Fame Voters

Dear Voters: WHAAAAAT?!?! Today you elected Andre Dawson into the Hall of Fame. Andrew Dawson, he of the career .806 OPS and 119 OPS+. Those are fine numbers; those are not even close to Hall of Fame numbers. Let me explain to you how terrible this decision was: Todd Zeile received zero votes. Todd Zeile's OPS ...

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John Sickels Ranks the Yanks

Over at MinorLeagueBall, John Sickels ranked the Yankees prospects: 1) Jesus Montero, C, Grade A: I know that his position is up in the air, but I love this bat so much that I'm going to give him a straight Grade A. This is a Mike Piazza/Manny Ramirez type bat. 2) Austin Romine, C, Grade B: Not in Montero's class ...

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Are The Yankees Actually Getting Younger?

Just three days ago (on December 29th), made this post about the Yankee organizational philosophy under the full control of Brian Cashman. Average age of Yankee pitchers 2005: 34.2 2006: 32.5 2007: 31.4 2008: 30.6 2009: 29.3 (which happens to be the average age of pitchers on the '96 team) Average age of Yankee hitters 2005: 32.2 2006: 30.8 2007: 30.6 2008: 31.3 2009: 30.5 This is ...

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Yankees Prospect Brandon Laird Arrested


According to T. Michael Andrews of the East Valley Tribune, Yankee prospect Brandon Laird, along with his brother and current Detroit Tigers catcher Gerald Laird were arrested Wednesday night. Gerald was arrested for assault while Brandon was arrested for disorderly conduct.  According to the report, the Laird brothers, along with a third  man were arrested during ...

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Pointing You Elsewhere on Christmas Day


I hope everyone out there is having an enjoyable Christmas day - whether or not you celebrate.  As a Christmas gift, I am going to point you elsewhere, to a few interesting links. Nathaniel Stoltz of the Bleacher Report makes an argument that Sergio Mitre does not actually suck at the game of baseball.  Very interesting ...

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Trent Lare: A Christmas Feel Good Story


In mid-July of 2009, the Yankees signed an indy-leaguer named Trent Lare.  Lare, who would turn 25 years old in August of that 2009, had never had any professional experience.  He had spent three years with the Kalamazoo Kings of the Frontier League after a tenure at Oklahoma State University. Well believe it or not, this ...

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The Search for a Left Fielder

Brian Cashman has already come out saying that if they add a left fielder, it would be someone on the cheap - somewhere around $4 million dollars max.  That to me eliminates the following free agents from consideration: Matt Holliday, Jason Bay, and Johnny Damon.  Furthermore, John Heyman is also claiming that Mark DeRosa has ...

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Minor League Additions and Cuts

The Yankees may have picked up Javier Vazquez, but he is obviously the third most important pick-up today behind Mike Rivera and OF Javier Herrera. According to Matt Eddy of Baseball America, the Yankees signed OF Javier Herrera to a minor league deal.  Herrera, who will be 25 in April, had only 2 at-bats last season. ...

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