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2010 Season Review: Mark Teixeira

Mark Teixeira's 2009 season couldn't have gone much better. He finished second for the MVP, won a Gold Glove, and outside of a slow start and a poor offseason he was practically perfect. Having done all of that expectations were going to be pretty high in 2010 which is why he perhaps didn't live up ...

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2010 Season Review: Jorge Posada

Jorge Posada struggled in 2009 defensively, but despite that the Yankees went into this season thinking that he would be their primary catcher. That was a mistake. In the end he was only able to catch in 83 games this season, less than any other year except 2008 and his rookie season. Even when he ...

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2010 Season Review: Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter entered the 2010 season as a 35-year-old coming off one of his best seasons of his career and finished as a 36-year-old coming off his worst. Expectations were high, as they always are, for Jeter this season. In 2008 he had a rough season (for him anyway), but insisted that injuries were to ...

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