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Top 50 Prospects : Where they would have ranked

Several players in the Yankees’ system are no longer eligible for the top 50 prospects list, but are still young enough to deserve mention in the discussion. These are the players who have already played in the major leagues in … Continue reading

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The 2017 Yankees Not Top 50 list

Here’s a list of the guys who didn’t make the cut for the top 50, but depending who you ask probably could have. There’s a bunch of guys on this list who would have been in the top 50 most … Continue reading

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Post-Draft Top 50

I know the signing deadline isn’t until Friday, but the Yankees aren’t going to sign anyone who would make this list anyway. Several guys have graduated to the major leagues, even if it was just in a short stint. My … Continue reading

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Prospect Profile : Brian Keller

If I told you there was a prospect in the current system drafted in the 39th round that has a chance to be an impact major leaguer, would you believe me? You’d have every reason to be skeptical. The odds … Continue reading

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