Classic Yankees

Some players are legends, with many moments over their careers that stand out, while others long for that one brief shining moment; that one moment in time (cue Whitney Houston) where they can be a star. Such a ballplayer was Brian Doyle. Doyle was a small infielder, whose brother, Denny […]

Classic Yankees: Brian Doyle

No one wants to be the goat, especially of a championship game. If so, you want the chance to redeem yourself. Ralph Terry got that chance… with a bit of good fortune mixed in. Terry came up with the Yanks, was sent to KC for “seasoning” (the criticism of the […]

Classic Yankees: Ralph Terry

In a week when the Yankees unexpectedly picked up one Japanese superstar player, another Japanese superstar player who once played for the Yankees was designated for assignment and could see his career officially ending. This past winter, Hideki Matsui, affectionately known as “Godzilla,” was searching for a job. He didn’t […]

Classic Yankees: Hideki Matsui

He’s best remembered for a “headache” and for the person who replaced him. Even today, his name is brought up anytime a regular has a day off and his replacement does well—the fear being that the regular won’t get his job back. But what people seem to forget is that […]

Classic Yankees: Wally Pipp

He had one brother that could hit, won an MVP award, got HOF consideration and who had his number retired. He also had another brother who pitched in the majors. He was one of fourteen children. When he became a Yankee, Mickey Mantle told him it was ok to wear […]

Classic Yankees: Clete Boyer

Before Graig Nettles, before A-Rod, the general consensus was that Robert Abial “Red” Rolfe was the best Yankees third baseman ever. Rolfe, a lefty hitter who wore #2, came up to the Yanks in 1931 for one game at shortstop. He didn’t get to bat. He would not return to […]

Classic Yankees: Red Rolfe

Spahn and Sain and pray for rain… Although Johnny Sain is famous for that phrase associated with the 1948 Boston Braves, he also made a considerable impact on the Yankees, both as a player and as a coach. In 1942, Sain, age 24, made it to the majors with the […]

Classic Yankees: Johnny Sain