Classic Yankees

“It’s got to be better than rooming with Joe Page,” One insightful person’s response when asked if Joe DiMaggio’s marriage to Marilyn Monroe was good for him…  (And Joe’s marriage only lasted, what…nine months?) Without Joe Page, the Yankees probably don’t win the 1947 or 1949 World Series. Unfortunately, Page’s […]

Classic Yankees: Joe Page

1961 saw some great feats by various Yankees. Roger Maris’ 61 HR, surpassing Babe Ruth’s 60; the combined total of 115 between Maris and Mickey Mantle broke the Ruth/Gehrig teammate record of 107. Whitey Ford went 25-4, 3.21 and broke Babe Ruth’s World Series record for consecutive scoreless innings pitched. […]

Classic Yankees: Luis Arroyo

One day, I’ll put up a post on one of the retired numbers, a Martin “Classic Yankee”, Reggie, Mickey, Maris, heck, I’ve already done Dickey. The point is, people know about Ruth, Gehrig, Joe D., Mickey, etc., several times over. Their stories have been told countless times. One thing I […]

Classic Yankees: Johnny Blanchard

With the retirement of Jorge Posada, he now becomes a “Classic Yankee.” No team in baseball can match the Yankees for five catchers the quality of Bill Dickey, Yogi Berra, Elston Howard, Thurman Munson, and Posada. While there was hope (now gone) that Jesus Montero could join that quintet, who […]

Classic Yankees: Jorge Posada

The Yankees have two HOF second basemen in previous Classic Yankees profiles Tony Lazzeri and Joe Gordon, and have an All-Star right now in Robbie Cano. If you had to fill out the top five second basemen in Yankees history, one of the five would be Willie Randolph. Randolph, born […]

Classic Yankees: Willie Randolph

I am sorry for the lack of Classic Yankees posts lately, but I’ve been busy with some personal matters. But this DOES give me time to recognize some classic Yankees that were not players, but still made their mark in Yankees history; for example, Gene Monahan. The long-time Yankees trainer […]

Classic Yankees: Behind the Scenes