Classic Yankees

At the recent Old-Timer’s Day, Yankees fans got a true treat in the return of “Sweet” Lou Piniella to the Stadium wearing Yankees’ pinstripes. Piniella has been around the majors in his career as a player and manager. He has worn many hats. But the colorful, passionate, outspoken, and hotheaded […]

Classic Yankees: Lou Piniella

He was a natural at anything he wanted to do; track, bowling, poker playing, playing pool, football.  In David Halberstam’s Summer of ’49, Allie Pierce Reynolds, or simply, Allie Reynolds was described as probably the best all-around natural athlete on the team. He could start or relieve, and do both […]

Classic Yankees: Allie Reynolds

Players come and players go. Time waits for no one. Sooner or later, everyone must retire. It helps a team immensely when you have a versatile player who can fill in where needed, and if that player is so good that he becomes an All-Star at three different positions, well […]

Classic Yankees: Gil McDougald

It seems strange to call him an Old-Timer, but he did show up as an Old-Timer at the recent Yankees’ Old-Timer’s Day, even though he has never officially announced his retirement. But Bernie Williams, whether he makes the HOF or not, is clearly a Classic Yankee. I remember seeing Bernie […]

Classic Yankees: Bernie Williams

He was born October 9, 1940, the same day as John Lennon. While Lennon was something different to the music world in the 1960s, Joe Pepitone was something different to the New York Yankees. The corporate, GM like Yanks changed a lot in the 1960s, with guys like Fritz Peterson, […]

Classic Yankees: Joe Pepitone

He was only in the majors from 1946-1955, and did not become a rotation mainstay until he was 29 years old. He won “only” 132 games in his career. But Victor John Angelo Raschi or just Vic Raschi, the “Springfield Rifle,” made his mark as the middle name of the […]

Classic Yankees: Vic Raschi

With all the talk recently about decreased velocity, I thought it might be a good time to remember a Yankee known for his lack of velocity; one who was Jamie Moyer-like and who had a nickname of “The Junkman,” as well as “Steady Eddie” and others that are unprintable (given […]

Classic Yankees: Eddie Lopat

After the “Boss” George Steinbrenner died, there was talk about putting him into the Hall of Fame. Well, this year’s Veterans Committee convened, and the Boss wasn’t close to getting in. Whether he will in the future remains to be seen, but a lot of prevailing thought was that it […]

Classic Yankees: Jacob Ruppert

Would I call him a “Classic” Yankee? No. His off-the-field life would definitely not qualify him as “Classic.” Controversial, certainly. He never pitched in a postseason game. He pitched for the Yanks in their down CBS years. But he was an effective pitcher. A reliable #2 behind Mel Stottlemyre, and […]

Classic Yankees: Fritz Peterson