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Discussion: Posada has 7 Hits and 5 Home Runs

New York Yankees Jorge Posada

I don't quite understand it, but despite a slow start that sees Jorge Posada batting just .189 he is leading the American League with five home runs and is still a threat whenever he is at the plate. He's not going to do it, but he's on pace to hit 80 home runs while hitting ...

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Yankees Told Wood & Jenks They Wouldn’t Pay for Expensive Setup-men

Boston Red Sox Bobby Jenks

Via Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated: Folks familiar with the situation say [Yankees general manager Brian Cashman] felt obligated to make that admission [that he didn't want Rafael Soriano] because 1) he had told the press the Yankees weren't signing Soriano, and 2) he told Kerry Wood the Yankees weren't paying $7 mil for ...

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ESPN NY Ranks the Top 50 Yankees of All-Time

Babe Ruth New York Yankees

ESPN New York came up with a list of the 50 Greatest Yankees of All-Time. I think it was just a reason for them to run 50 photos for everyone to click on, but I found it very interesting as I went through it so I decided to share it with all of our readers. I ...

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Russell Martin Not Impressing with his Defense

New York Yankees catcher Russell Martin

Via Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports: Scouts are growing increasingly critical of Russell Martin’s defense... ...Martin, one scout says, “has gotten worse each week — he’s not catching well and he’s not throwing well.” Two other scouts were less harsh in their assessment of Martin, but one said, “He hasn’t really excited anyone at all.” The Yankees ...

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Yankees Make Their Players Go Through Media Training

Yankees Pettitte Baseball Media

Via Daniel Barbarisi of the Wall Street Journal: It's no secret that being a Yankee is unlike being a member of any other major league team. With 12 beat writers—the Mets have eight, the Red Sox seven—the media crush is unrivaled and can eat players up. The unprepared can react badly and become ...

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Who is Your Favorite of the Yankees Killer B’s?

New York Yankees Andrew Brackman Dellin Betances Manuel Banuelos

(Click here to vote on the Killer B whom you think will be the best Yankee). The Diamondbacks current general manager Kevin Towers is the former Padres GM, but before he got that job he had a brief stop in the Bronx as a sort of a roving scout for the organization. He didn't do a whole ...

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Discussion: Should Andy Pettitte’s No. 46 Be Retired?

Via Ken Davidoff of Newsday: Cashman says no one will receive #46 in spring training. Retirement up to ownership. When Andy Pettitte left the Yankees for the Houston Astros a few years back they gave away his no. 46 and I had no problem with it. But he came back and was big for the Yankees ...

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Discussion: Alomar and Blyleven Elected to the Hall of Fame

I ignored the Hall of Fame this offseason. Mostly I just didn't have time with all of the swirling Yankees rumors, but also I didn't want to get into regular arguments about steroids that so many blogs have been consumed with lately. That said, I should have had this up earlier and wouldn't mind at least ...

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