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BBDP: Yankees top six third base prospects


After reviewing the third base prospects in this system, it appears this isn’t the strongest position for the Yankees’ farm. That could change rather quickly, as the international free agent crop from this year contains a few big name third basemen, but for now the pickings are slim. There is still strength at the top ...

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BBDP Yankees top seven shortstop prospects


The Yankees don’t have much in terms of promising shortstops at the upper levels, but they have more at the lower levels than I can ever remember in the past. This young group is extremely promising, and has tools galore. Only time will tell who will sink or swim amongst this group. 1. Jorge Mateo – ...

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BBDP: Top 5 Yankees first base prospects


1. Greg Bird – 6-foot-3, 215-pounds, LHB, 1B, 21 – He’s already hitting well in Double-A at the age of just 21, and he’s hitting for power too. He’s one of the best first base prospects in the minors right now. He’s OPSing at .848 this year despite missing significant time. His numbers are right ...

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Who’s hot on the farm; August edition

angel aguilar

There’s about a month left in the season, and there are quite a few players who are poised to finish strong, which is a good sign for next season. This is the longest list yet, which shows there are a ton of players performing well over the past couple of weeks. Starting from Triple-A and working ...

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Top 50 Yankees Prospects 2014: Where they would have ranked

dellin betances

If the top 50 had included rookies, or players who have had some time in the major leagues and have since been sent down, many wonder where they would have ranked on the Bronx Baseball Daily top 50 Yankees prospects. Here’s how it breaks down. 1. Masahiro Tanaka – Hopefully the injury isn’t too serious. He’s an ...

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The not top 50 Yankees prospects, midseason edition

Ramon Flores

After making the 2014 top 50 prospect list this season I had a few names in mind who were either close to making the list and just got edged off, or are talented enough that they could easily be on this list by the end of the year. Here are 20 guys who could easily ...

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2014 Midseason top 50 Yankees prospects


This season the post draft top 50 prospects is no different than any other year. The only difference is that the Yankees acquired far more talent in the international free agent (IFA) market this year than in the draft. Unfortunately we do not have enough information on the new IFA signings to include them in ...

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BBDP Who’s hot? Late June edition


Jose Pirela has been consistently good all season. His last 10 games are no exception, where he’s .286/.333/.548/.881 with three homeruns in the last five games. His season total is .320/.361/.466/.827 with seven homeruns and 10 SB. Those numbers would look great in the Yankees lineup right now. Brian Roberts has been better lately, but ...

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