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Four disappointing players for the Yankees so far

Stephen Drew Yankees

We've played approximately 25% of the 2015 season, so it's safe to start judging who has done well and who has been a disappointment so far. Today we'll talk about the disappointing players for the Yankees and tomorrow we'll discuss who has been impressive. 1. Stephen Drew The Yankees gave Stephen Drew the benefit of the doubt ...

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Chase Headley has been bad, real bad


It's still relatively early in the season and a big second half can change everything, but so far it's safe to say that Chase Headley has been a total bust. The man the Yankees paid $52 million over four years has been a let down in every aspect of the game. At the time the Yankees signed ...

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Yankees aim to turn things around after four-game losing streak


In baseball you go through two different types of streaks; hot streaks and cold streaks. And the Yankees have been familiar with both in this young season. The first week of the season, the Yankees were 3-6 and seemed destined for the American League East cellar. Then, they grew some mustaches, turned their season around ...

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Did Joe Girardi slightly mismanage Nathan Eovaldi?


For the first six innings, Nathan Eovaldi was cruising along and the Yankees had a 2-0 lead. Then, Eovaldi went out for the seventh inning and the game started to unravel. Eovaldi gave up two runs in the seventh inning, but the question wasn't why Eovaldi came out to pitch the seventh. What raised eyebrows was ...

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Yankees appear to be “The Evil Empire” in dispute with Alex Rodriguez


For tale as old as time, the Yankees are known under multiple aliases. Some of them are "The Bronx Bombers", "The Bronx Zoo" and my personal favorite (due to it's reference to Star Wars) "The Evil Empire". However, the Yankees could literally become "The Evil Empire" due to their reluctance to pay Alex Rodriguez his ...

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Offense Monthly Report Card: April


Usually for the blog, I would do two report cards: one around the All-Star break and one after the season. However, I thought I would branch out and give players grades for each month before giving their overall grades at the end of the season. Today we'll do the Offense and tomorrow we'll grade the ...

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Should the Yankees honor Alex Rodriguez’s milestone bonus?


When Alex Rodriguez hit his 659th career home run off Jon Niese during yesterday's 6-4 win over the Mets, it caused all eyes to land on Rodriguez; not because Rodriguez did anything wrong or because he helped the Yankees win the game, but because Rodriguez is now one home run away from tying Willie Mays ...

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How have Didi Gregorius and Shane Greene fared so far?


We are only a week and a half into the 2015 regular season and the most talked about Yankee hasn't been Alex Rodriguez, who has returned to the team following a 2014 suspension. It's Didi Gregorius. Unfortuntely for Gregorius, he hasn't gotten off on the right foot with the fans. Over the offseason, the Yankees, Arizona ...

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