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Building Yankees bullpen is Brian Cashman’s top priority


In past years, many believed having all-star players in your lineup would predetermine a World Series Championship. But if there's anything we learned from the 2014 World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals, the key to winning is having a lethal bullpen. The starter could give you six-seven innings, the ...

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Yankees begin completing tasks on ‘offseason checklist’ but work still needs to be done


The Yankees had a strong idea of what their offseason checklist was going to look like this offseason; the headlining task on the list was finding a new shortstop. But their checklist got a little longer in October when they fired Mick Kelleher (who has since retired) and Kevin Long (who found a job with the New ...

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Hot Stove: Could the Yankees afford to trade for Cole Hamels?


It's no secret the Yankees need pitching and if the Yankees can't find anything in the free agent market, they always could dig into the trade market. But which team has a pitcher the Yankee could potentially inquire about? How about a National League team in the process of rebuilding after signing one of their pitchers to ...

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Random Thoughts: Cervelli, Robertson, Wilson

Francisco Cervelli 5

The Yankees made some noise yesterday in the rumor department and trade department and after taking a night to comprehend the moves the Yankees made, I realized I had still had some thoughts on the Yankees minor trade and the report their homegrown closer wanted 'Jonathan Papelbon money.' Francisco Cervelli: I had to say, I was extremely ...

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Which contracts do the Yankees regret signing?

Alex Rodriguez 8

On the Yankees current roster, there have been contracts the Yankees signed and never looked back because of the positive performance on and off the field. However, there have also been deals the Yankees are forced to live with into the future and have the organization second guessing themselves. As we look at the roster, which ...

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If you were the GM, what contract would you give David Robertson?


The Yankees are trying everything to keep closer David Robertson in the fold and they expressed that by giving Robertson a $15.3 Million Qualifying Offer on November 3rd. Robertson has until Monday to decide whether he will accept and stay with the team or decline and test the free agent market. It's entirely possible Robertson would not ...

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The waiting game for David Robertson begins


David Robertson has until Monday to accept or decline his qualifying offer of one-year and $15.3 Million, but for the next few days the Yankees will be in waiting mode as their closer makes one of the biggest decisions of his life. When the Yankees handed Robertson the one year qualifying offer, it seemed like ...

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Around The Diamond: Starting Pitching

CC Sabathia 3

Yesterday we discussed right field, Carlos Beltran's injury woes and Ichiro Suzuki's "heroics". Today in our final 'Around The Diamond' piece, we look at starting pitching, the current holes in the rotation and what the Yankees can do to fill the final two spots before Spring Training.  If you were to ask what the issue was with ...

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