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Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner belong at the top of the order, but who leads off?


Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner are both obvious locks for the roster. They're both also locks to start on Opening Day and they're slated to play side-by-side in the outfield. However, the main question concerning them isn't where they're going to play, it's where they're going to hit in the order. At first glance, Ellsbury ...

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Red Sox sign Moncada; colossal fail for Yankees


Today is another in a long line of recent situations where the Red Sox front office has completely owned the Yankees. In case you haven’t read the news this morning, Yoan Moncada has signed with the Red Sox for a $30 million signing bonus. At this point the details are not available in terms of ...

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It’s time to accept Alex Rodriguez is here and ready to play baseball

Alex Rodriguez 2

We all knew an apology from Alex Rodriguez was coming, whether it'd be in written form or during a press conference. In the end, Rodriguez decided to take the handwritten approach, telling the fans, the media, the Players Association, the Yankees and Major League Baseball that he made a mistake, a mistake which cost him ...

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Analyzing the back-up catcher situation

John Ryan Murphy

When camp opens on Friday, a new competition begins for the catching position. The Yankees already have their starting catcher in Brian McCann, but the Yankees need a back-up catcher in case an injury occur to Mark Teixeira (where you can easily slot McCann at first) or McCann himself. The original back-up catcher was slated ...

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Should the Yankees consider Brandon Beachy?


It's no secret the Yankees could use pitching depth whether it'd be in the rotation or in the bullpen, and one of the enticing options on the free agent market could be Brandon Beachy. Beachy had a few good seasons with the Atlanta Braves, his best season being in 2012 when he made 13 starts ...

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What to expect from Chris Young


Yesterday we discussed what the Yankees are expecting from Brett Gardner during the 2015 campaign. Today we look at the Yankees fourth outfielder Chris Young, who after being let go by the New York Mets, was signed by the Yankees and provided one of the few sparks in September. When the Yankees signed Chris Young to ...

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What to expect from Brett Gardner


Yesterday we discussed what the Yankees were expecting from Jacoby Ellsbury as he prepares for the 2015 season. Today, we'll discuss what the Yankees expect from Brett Gardner as he comes off an impressive (and 'power'ful--pun intended) 2014 campaign. Over the last few seasons, Brett Gardner was pretty much only known as the Yankees speedster. He ...

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What to expect from Jacoby Ellsbury


Yesterday we discussed what the Yankees could expect from Carlos Beltran, who is  coming off an elbow injury in the second year of a three-year contract. Today, we move on to one of the bright spots of the 2014 season, Jacoby Ellsbury. While Ellsbury had a great year in 2014, what are the Yankees expecting ...

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