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Yankees Prospects: The 2017 All Home Grown Yankees

abiatal avelino

Last year I made a list of the “2016 All Home Grown Yankees,” and I had a lot of fun doing it. It’s going to be a yearly thing now. Just as a refresher, this is my prediction of the theoretical team the Yankees would put on the field if the front office decided to ...

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Phillies fan cleared of sex-for-tickets charges

Remember the Phillies fan arrested during the 2009 World Series for prostituting herself out for World Series tickets? A year ago she was accquitted of prostitution charges, but convicted on attempted prostitution. However, she recently had the attempted prostitution conviction thrown out by an appeals court, according to an Associated Press report. "This woman should never have ...

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How to Have a Yankee Halloween

So if you're anything like me, you've probably waited until the last minute to choose a Halloween costume. You love the Yankees, but just putting on a Yankee hat and your Rivera jersey isn't really gonna cut it. Here are some last minute ideas: 1. Cliff Lee - Yankee Free Agent Acquisition I'm going as this personally. ...

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Regarding the Manager Position

October 20th, 2010 Dear Mr. Cashman: I am writing to express my interest in the position of Manager of the New York Yankees. It is my understanding that the person in that role currently will have his contract reevaluated at season's end and I would like to submit my resume for consideration. This role has always interested me, ...

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A-Rod Involved in Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson Cat Fight

Sorry if you are one of my regular readers who is not into this thing, but I just found this too funny to pass up. Apparently, the NY Post is reporting this, Cameron Diaz is only dating Alex Rodriguez to get back at Kate Hudson for dating Justin Timberlake. I don't know what to say, just ...

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Alex Rodriguez vs. Dallas Braden: Who Can Be the King of the Hill?

Alex Rodriguez: Age 34: 585 career home runs, .305 career batting average, 3-time MVP Dallas Braden: Age 26: 14-21 career, 4.68 career ERA Rodriguez off Braden career: 3-6, HR On Thursday, Alex Rodriguez hit a single off Dallas Braden. Robinson Cano followed and fouled off a ball during the at-bat. On the foul ball, Rodriguez went from first ...

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Barry Bonds Rears His Massive Head

One of the nice things about this baseball season is that the steroids subject has been a relatively unimportant issue. The system that the MLB has in place may not be stringent enough but it gets the job done. Congress finally decided that healthcare and the economy are more important than steroid use in baseball. ...

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Hilarious Rendition of 2009 Yankees Batting Stances

Exactly what the title says.  Some of these are absolutely perfect (Mark Teixeira one). (Click on the headline to watch the video). Batting Stances: 2009 Yankees Which ones did you like the most? [Hat tip to WasWatching for posting it earlier]

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